🧪 Early Information on the April 2020 HOTM (Malosi)

Will wait till I see him to decide. Started playing this game last Jun/Jul. But from my experience a lot of the hypothetical situations some of you come up with are rarely ever what is encountered. When you press attack and the RNG gives you a board on the wrong end of the color spectrum, even fancy heroes and strategies get their behinds kicked. Hurts even more when you splashed your cash for the pulls to get the fancy heroes. Guys need to receive graciously. Let the devs give us nice things and stop the ’ we can’t have this, it’s too good’ hullabaloo.


I think Malosi is too weak now. I won’t spend money on getting it. Something should be changed.

Veri fast hero who can take every tank out? I don’t think so.

Poseidon will fire. Gravemaker will fire. Etc. So not every tank he can take out.

How will it work exactly? Is mana “paused” on 100%? Or will it be fired without effect?

This part. The hero afflicted with Malosi’s curse will not be able to buff, debuffs or add any ailments to anyone.

Malosi should not prevent these things:

  • Direct Damage
  • Mana reductions
  • Minion summoning
  • Direct Healing
  • Dispels
  • Cleanses
  • Removals

Kunchen, Ariel, Vivica, Mother North will heal. And for example, the Mother North will launch minions… Plus snipers will fire… So Malosi won’t take off a lot of heroes at all.

Healer tanks are the least threatening tanks of all, especially if Malosi blocks their secondary abilities


What do beta-testers think? @DaveCozy how do you guys like Malosi? Worth throwing a few EHTs during bunny time, or save it for clarissa?

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If I get him, I get him. If I don’t then I don’t
I’m not going to make a special effort to summon him personally.

I see his main function as being there for the Buff Neutralising. The sniping damage he does is so small I don’t really consider him as a sniper…

Because I don’t view him as a damage dealer but primarily as a utility support hero I just feel that he’s a little Lacking… He’s useful (don’t get me wrong) but my main issue is that he’s single target only.
I personally would have preferred him to be FAST mana speed and Affect 3.

If I did get him I would proably spend darts on him (cause I have soooo many darts…) but he is unliekly to be working his way into my primary raiding teams nor into my titan team… I might specialty modify a raid team but not regularly…

Wars he’ll get a use in an off-colour stack to assist in bringing a tank down but… Tile damage will do it better & quicker really…

Overall, yes hes useful but not as useful as he could have been…


Would save for this…

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I’m a lot less enthused about Malosi now that I’ve decided to max Grazul. Not a lot different, he blocks specials at their source and she blocks them at target. He causes damage and she heals what comes through. Given my platoon of unleveled Grazul, I’ll wait another month or two.

Hm, I have a maxed Grazul and I’m really excited for Malosi. Any hero that’s very fast should really be looked at(except you, Margaret. Go away). Yellow doesn’t have a lot of amazing 5*'s and I think he could be really good in a yellow stack.


I’m pretty happy with my yellows already though so even at very fast, I’m not gonna worry if he doesn’t show up. But really, there are a ton of great holy heroes out there. I’ll take my Jackal20 over Malosi as he just makes my others more lethal.

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Hmm not sure I entirely agree with this statement…

In terms of direct snipers there are Joon & Poseidon who are great. Ranvir & Leo are OK (both better than Malosi in terms of sniping).

In terms of concentrated DoA (3x) you have both White Rabbit & Drake Fong who are really good. Rana, Onatel & Musashi are solid direct damage dealers…
The DoA5 is where yellow falls away a little (Nieth, Owl & Justice)…


I have Drake Fong, Poseidon, Joon, I miss Guin, white rabbit, Vivica - yellow has it’s share of good five stars.

Beta Update

Malosi has returned to Beta, and appears unchanged from his last-seen version.


So would you ascend Malosi or costume Joon?

My only holy hitter is Poseiden.
Other maxed holys are all utilities.
Guin, Delilah, Sif, Inari, Onatel, Viv, Neith and Rana.

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Think I’d go joon if it was me. Sounds like you need more raw damage and don’t think malosi will fill that void unless something changes between now and then

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Oh wait, I need Sir Roostery or is that roastery?

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He’s decent but average mana if that makes a difference