🧪 Early Information on Round 4 of Season 5 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v51]

Wow… all of them are absolute monsters and heroes to build your team around.
Personally though im going to be gunning for Tetis and Set.
Tetis is a mana battery, if you can pair her with a fast sniper or hit 3 with decent mana troops your whole team will fire (with those snipers or hit 3s possibly firing twice).
Set is a huge minion maker. Well balanced being slow but i would love those minions for stages and rush wars. My frosth would water at the mouth to boost those minions once or twice when running stages.
Cleo is obviously a beast of a healer that beats every healer we have had to date. Add to that a 60% chance to also boost 10% health on top and that is the new top tier healer in the rankings.
Ill be scared to face the whole lot in raids and saving all my coins until insee 1-2 of them featured in the s5 portal.
Good luck to you all, and may the pullls be in your favor.

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All people complaining about the power creep. SG/Zynga does it for us, as it soften the blow of terrible pulls.
Every time I pull something decent I’m worried I used my luck for a hero, who will be irrelevant in a couple of months. When I pull Dava I’m calm as I know my day of glory will come eventually and I will get a hero much stronger than any hero I could pull today.
PS. Apologies for Dava fans
PPS. I’m aware the odds doesn’t really work this way.

part of it is the power creep. look at Zuri. She was released last year, and after quite a few buffs, then they make Cleopatra, who is a better Zuri. Cleopatra, healing that much needs a nerf. She alone, can undo all the damage your turn just did

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Indirect buff for red hood?

No worries. Cleopatra will be nerfed right after people pay money to chase her :laughing:


Well, Zuri with Minions does same heal% as Cleopatra, and for one extra 15%. Minions also dmg.
Also her cleanse is full and always goes off, where with cleopatra, there is only 70% for it to happen…

Also, she doesnt overheal, which means, all heroes are still prone for a good 2 punch combo and go to sleep :slight_smile:

Thirdly, since her cleanse isnt reliable and full, she is prone to fiends and ailments which cut healing down or vs vampires.

She is strong but not really in current META. Same as Costume Black knight… he looks strong on paper, but nowadays, you basically dont meet him anymore on defense, since his effect is ‘‘manageable’’ for current standards and doesnt put you in real harms way :slight_smile:


Ma’at is a better frigg.

A fast green hit-all defense down rogue, what will they think of next???

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About Cleopatra’s 65% heal…
65% alone would be acceptable, but healing is not done in a vacuum.
With all available bonuses this becomes much more.

I recently experienced Director Zuri healing Mother North a whooping 92%. And then a possible 10% atop of that. I hope they realize that this is too much on an average charge

You can have zuri and cleopatra it will make a much better player… you can have maat and morel they aren’t even the same color. If getting good heros from soul exchange is a slap in the face than keep ‘em coming. These new s5 heros look solid I’m still waiting to see who that must have guy is gonna be.

The days of Frigg is numbered as well

Ma’at: “Omae wa mou shindeiru”
Morel & Frigg: “Nani!?”

Tetisheri & Khonsu: “Hi guys, now we are a couple”
*Opponent team left the chat


I think for me the must have will be cleopatra…not quite sure about her art but my goodness those specials…just wow!

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She pretty much shuts down the entire S5 passive gimmick

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Why is she yellow? Do we really need another yellow healer? I need red one…

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Balance update:

  • Tetisheri
    • Ailments inflicted by the Special Skill are now only cast to the target (NOT nearby enemies)
    • Mana boost reduced: 40% → 20%