🧪 Early Information on ROUND 4 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v36]

That’s true SG:



SG respond:


If it is up to the players, there won’t be costume for non-S1.

With Sand Empire on the horizon, will we see the Sand Hero costumes coming up soon, or has that been canceled?

there were no tests in the beta version, do I believe it canceled

I just quit.

I got tired with my old squad. No s3, no s4, no challange hero, no ninja. Im getting less and less competitive in the current META

I’m F2P and i know this game don’t need me anyway. But thank you for the last 2.5 years. I did enjoy it at the beginning :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I wish you the best, sorry to see you go but it’s understandable. :heart: when a game is not fun anymore… cheers :slight_smile:


@leejow udee is retiring. :sob::sob:

First @TGW, then @Andrie. Now you @udee. It is getting a bit much that so many forum friends are retiring from the game/forum.

I can understand, it gets old fast to keep playing with the same old heroes (no matter if you’ve managed to get a few great ones). I do wish we could gift players a hero, but accepted it would never happen. :frowning:

That’s the thing. From a financial side, yes, game needs f2p/vc2p players the least. But they still need us. Can you imagine how boring the game would be, if it was only filled with medium and big spenders?

Anyway, I hope you find another game to enjoy, or maybe a more productive hobby. :wink: I hope that wherever you are, you take care of you, your family, and keep safe in these trying times. All the best! :sunflower:


With ideas like costumes for non s1 heros and limit breakers we will see more friends frome alliance/forum to left, l also waiting to see what they will add and to decide if I will continue no meter how many I was spend in this game.


Sorry to see you go, but I fully understand your frustration. When it’s no fun anymore you should stop playing or at least for a while. I would lie if I didn’t say I have been thinking about quitting myself these past months. Just felt like not making an progress. Maybe you will give it a try again after some time off and enjoy playing it. Best of luck!


Leejow… when you say “not making any progress”… what do you mean? sincerely curious.

I think I have an idea what @leejow means, but will wait for him to write on this.

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Then they need to apply same logic for limit breakers while still find alternative solutions for future

I meant, by having only the heroes you got it feels like you stuck in a loop. No excitement to work on something new. Just grinding to gain resources for a pull and then be disappointed again. I know the odds are low and its good for balance but it wears your patience out over time. In the end you gain the materials to try and improve your roster.

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Beta Update

Version 39.2 has opened and features a costume for Yunan and Rana… None for Roc, Arman, Hisan, Jabbar or Gafar.

Will update OP tomorrow with details.


@leejow I feel similar. The bad news is a lucky pull can be maxed in a day and exciting for 1-2 weeks (like a new toy) then you’re back in the exact same grind. My point is seeking “progress” might be something to just let go of!

This perspective is why I’m looking forward to limit breakers… it’d be fun to focus on improving your top 30 heroes (the ones you actually play with!) rather than your 50th 4*.

New costumes such as these in round 4, however, will not help to make the game broadly more interesting.


Isn’t the yunan and Rana costume a little bit too late at this point? It almost exactly 1 month from their event. Sand empire has most boring heroes, their costumes need to be something groundbreaking and innovative. Or else, no one would pull for this portal. I hope this is not a half assed attempt just to revive that portal

If they release non-S1 costume then it is better to wait until all non-S1 in that particular portal have costumes before summoning, otherwise it will soon be a waste if by chance the pull generate hero without costume only for the costume to be added later and have to pull again.

This SG’s idea is stupid. Some players will retire because the feel disillusioned with this while some of those who remain will prefer to withold their summon untill all heroes in the portal have costume.


Well that means not pulling for another year…
At least spend the tokens you’ve been hoarding since last seasonal event :wink:

Also not sure why only Rana and Yunan are the only ones with costumes. They aren’t great heroes (they used to be, but many better heroes have been released since), but all other heroes in this portal are super underwhelming compared to them. Roc is to me the least interesting of all 5* Seasonal heroes, and gabar and jaffar are so useless as well.


Not sure why they wouldn’t bring new costumes for all of these event heroes.
It’s an odd strategy just to build two.
As others have said most players will put off pulling in events until all the event heroes are boosted by costumes

I’d like to have Roc. I probably wouldn’t use it much if at all, mind you, it just looks nice. Not sure I want to blow my small EHT collection looking for it though. If these new costumes are brilliant it might make it worthwhile having a go for them.


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