🧪 Early Information on ROUND 4 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v36]

I agree that the idea of more Costumes is simply a money grab and does not make the game any better. It was a rather good idea for S1 heroes, who got a bit to weak when compared to new ones, but it was all said before. It seems we will not see more hero buffs, just more Costumes, which is a bad idea.

What I would like to point out is how the balance of the game has changed negatively due to new Seasons coming out. F2P and C2P players are having a tough time nowadays. TC20 was simply abandoned with vanilla S1 heroes, which makes it harder for new players to compete without pouring tons of cash into it. Hero Academy takes ages to build and when you make it, you have 7 days for 5% chance for something different than TC20… When I joined the game in 2018 it was quite simple - you had your S1 heroes from TC20, Atlantis S2 heroes with returning HoTM and all the events, it was all quite fair. Now we have 4 seasons and not much has changed, except more heroes you want to have, but will never get without cash. For me to make it balanced again they would need to add Season 2 heroes to TC20 or at least shorten the training in HA to 4 days and make it easier to build it in the first place.


I’m just sad watching people drop
Like flies because it has become clear that SG doesn’t care anymore. I’ve stopped spending myself, as have many others. I hope it doesn’t get past that tipping point where recovery becomes difficult but tbh, I feel it’s already there.

The moment they announced a nerf to existing heroes because they were too strong while simultaneously announcing even more powerful ones to pay big $$$ for, the cat came out of the bag and people saw the true nature of the new direction of e&p. Up to them if they want to continue to pay or not.


You still talking about this with 90 percent VERY NEGATIVE vote? Congrats :clap:

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Guv is just passing on an update from the staff, he’s not responsible. In fact, he’s one of the harshest critics of this policy :slightly_smiling_face:


That is a freaking awesome idea!!! Everyone would win this way. New players for the chance at 3* they might not have and exp for the older established players…

What were they thinking on wu’s costume… not a upgrade but a complete fail.lol

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A. Any stat boost to Wu is welcome.
B. Yellow fours lack bashing power.
C. Flexibility
D. Mana speed increase

His costume could say, “take a huge dump” for all I care. A faster, beefier, easy-ish to get titan buffer is much welcomed.


Yeah I wasn’t thinking about the costume bonus but the costume version still sucks. I can’t think of many places I’d use the costume version over the original. But your right the added bonus of manna speed ,health and attack which doesn’t really apply to the original since he doesn’t do direct damage just a attack boost but the added bonus on his original stats are welcome but I think his costume could of been better. I feel like a costume should make you want to use it instead of the original and with his I don’t see many people using his over his original version!!

That’s fair. Many people don’t like the negative trade off (like the Springvale heroes).

I prefer costumes that give options and both are good situationally. Like Sonya, for example.

More than 3 years playing… I don’t have any atlantis 5* or challenge event… not Vivica yet… I dont care about new costumes or new heroes… the chences to get those things are 1 in 1000000000000000… I just dont care


Please no more hero’s, can they at least improve the puzzle functionality and add new features to this game?!!

Also fix the hero academy


I agree a million percent! Fix what players have been asking to be fixed before introducing things we didnt even want!


I will quote this so maybe they will read this sentence 7000 times and stop this crap.


This would be another mess if they didn’t fix the summon portal rate.

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Only way I could see SG implement alternative costumes to S1 is from idea here :

This way, you cant predict what skin you can get (no featured ones, but just increased chance for themed heroes in general like atlantis ruins = bigger chance for atlantis heroes)…

And also, you cant go agressive on digging thus providing new feature to spend on and enjoy its utilities while also keeping it friendly to f2p :slight_smile:

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Guys, it’s kind of like saying, “Please no more Twin Peaks episodes, get a high-quality TV set instead!”
@Alex360, @JoshuaCass, @Andrie, good luck! :raised_hand:

I just want to know if they are ever going to do anything to Hero Academy. Just some more information would be good!

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