🧪 Early Information on ROUND 4 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v36]

Do we have a confirmation on whether or not the new Raid Formations will be tied to having HA1 built (like it was in beta)? Asking for 29 friends lol


I think that this heads up that they gave us is great. Now we can all wait for the costume version of any heroes that we really had our eye on to add a certain something to our rosters. I personally really wanted an Alfrike to use as a tank for VF war, but now I know I should wait for her costume to come out :wink:
No need to pull until they are all here. Why on earth would anyone pull in ToL or Atlantis until there are costumes. And if the plan is for heros like the killer rabbits to get costumes, then it follows that S3 heroes will get them too. So good news is that it looks like a cheap e&p year!


Let me guess, new once will overpowered and people will spend gems to get them, two months after they will be nerfed? .

KIllhare 824 with 7 emblems
Sartana (with costume) 823 with 5 emblems

so Killhare will be around 900 emblems and costume

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My question wasn’t about heroes at all

You forgot the « I am and will remain F2P ». Voting « I cut down » just to see the results. Because had I paid before, I would stop doing it.


Honestly can’t hate the developers for this, as this idea reeks of upper management whom have never played seeing the most sought after heroes and thinking “oh the players most sought after heroes, they’ll love this idea!”


From how I understand Petri’s post, they are working on a statement about plans regarding costumes that will be released in couple days.

Fingers crossed for something meaningful… Although experience says the more meaningful the announcement is, the bigger the disappointment at release :wink:


While I am glad to see that they are reading the feedback, it does not change my opinion in regard to my future spending in this game, i.e. there won’t be any.

That they will continue adjusting the costumes in future betas tells me that we haven’t seen the last of these, and that SGG is missing the point, and might like to read the feedback again. Adjusting a costume won’t change the fact that the base hero that was already powerful will be made even more so purely by having a levelled up costume.

I am interested to see what their details and thoughts on the planned costumes are and note that they can’t give their thoughts right now, only in the coming days. Presumably this is because they are now scrambling to come up with a reason that isn’t based on greed.

The fact of the matter is though, that they can say whatever they want, whether the user base believes them is another matter.

Personally, I think we all know what their thoughts about the planned costumes were… $$$


“We will continue adjusting the Costumes in future Betas” is not a smart epilogue to that statement.
Fact is, whatever their momentarily step back is, the damage is done. And was no slight damage at all. It was a Santa+jackal+joon damage on a purple target.


As stated in another post, I today deleted this game. This Beta was the nail to the coffin to my ever decreasing joy of playing this game. Its been a slot machine all the time, not its become a slot machine that also laughs at you and spits in your face.
Its painful (astonishingly painful) to see how this game has been ruined since the take over by Zynga. Painful, because it was a fantastic game, now its become a dreadful grind without ANY kind of justifiable reward.

Shame on you Zynga.

Thanks to one of the best gaming communities Ive ever been part of (you can tell, there are a lot of grown ups, because young ones cant possibly have the amount of money this game devours)!


Exactly my feelings. They did not say " sorry we understand why you guys dont want this and we will not implement costumes for non S1 heroes" they just said “ok maybe another time then” they did not say they are working on HA rework which is literally the only thing they explicitly promised, no buff of old heroes, nothing. They did not want to change the direction they just feel forced to slow down a bit now.


Totally agree. The community need to take a breath and help SG develop a better way forward. If they must costume, them go to the community abs figure out which HoTM need nerfs and S2 and event etc.

The only way to force change is for everyone to stop spending, but given the way this game feeds addictive behaviour in people that is not a realistic proposition. This will slow spending for some for a short time but then people will move on and start looking for the new shiny hero again. And if SG just went ahead and released them now, people would probably still pull for them SG know this so don’t care.


Superb shout with the questionnaire mate


We don’t want to know about planned costumes for the future if they include event heroes. Simple. As. That. Event heroes should simply be rebalanced to be kept relevant. They’re supposed to be the cream heroes. They’re event heroes ffs. We paid for these.


I think what they may have considered is they would be slitting their own throats. This is step 1, and the 2nd step is for them to tone back what they want to release for S4 and the Villains


This was just a taste.
It is no coincidence they picked some of the most powerful (and loved) heroes in the game rather then start from the older ones.
This is their plans, and probably most of season 2 and older HotM are already done.

Like it or not, this is what is waiting for us if we don’t do something about our spending habits.

If you want to change something, you must change yourself first.


They are reading the feedback, but they are just reading it.


I think the appropriate response to all of this is to not spend a thing until Small Giant commits to an open and transparent process for the evolution of the game. So much can change, so rapidly right now. Anything you purchase today could see its value plummet in a matter of weeks. Small Giant seems to be intent on maximizing short-term profits at the expense of long-term stability. Yes, they are pulling the new costumes (for now), but they also appear to be full steam ahead on releasing the Villains challenge event and its new heroes with their massive base stat inflation.


Agreed. That’s exactly how I feel.
All it takes is a 1-200 big spenders to stop.and that equates to a big net monthly loss. I’m one of those big spenders and I’m stopping. We just need 1-200 mroe to do the same.


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