🧪 Early Information on ROUND 4 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v36]

Keep blasting them with 1 star reviews in apple and Google store. They love giving us 1 and 2 stars heroes, right? Time to send the payback.


Ah finally, costumes for underpowered and underutilised non-s1 heroes, such as… checks notes …Finley, GM, Killhare and Jabberwock.

I am nothing but thoroughly confused.


How to lose friends and alienate people - The decline & fall of SGG by Dr Lol Findley (Forward by The Mad Hatter)


I joined a year ago. Loved the game, considered going C2P (like POV), decided to wait till my level was high enough to get me through to stage 48. When I got there, decided against paying. Never regretted it. Never will.

Stupid money-grabbing move after stupid money-grabbing move.

At least I won’t regret my money when I quit… or when they shut it down.

This makes me sad.


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Doesn’t matter what they do now… damage is already done. By even considering these costumes they show their intentions


I wish this was April fool’s day post…:man_facepalming:
don’t you think that F2P players have 0 chance to keep up with all these rapid changes and new op heroes, or maybe you don’t consider them…


My brain did a mental throw up. What on earth am I looking at?


I think anyone can see what they will do.

Quietly put these costumes on ice but do a nice PR job saying “we listened, so here are costumes for Thoth-amun, Perseus, Margaret instead”

… Then 6 months down the line when the new villain event and S4 heroes are one shotting everyone, they’ll release them anyway saying “We’re releasing these costumes to make Jabberwocky/GM/Finley” relevant in today’s S4 world"

The above post doesn’t for one second mean they’ll cancel them.


Just scrap it all. Don’t even consider it.


“Continue adjusting costumes in future betas”?

In plain English, that translates to “we don’t understand that publicly firing the idiots who thought this was a good idea is probably the only way to win back our players’ trust.”

Whoever wrote that release is clearly too out of touch to understand that this isn’t an idea that was implemented badly, it’s a bad idea full stop.

Congrats, you snot waffles have functionally killed your cash cow.

Do the devs not understand that? That the options really are between firing the team who thought this was a good idea, and the game dying and Everybody getting fired? Because “we’ll fix this inherently broken feature” means you just don’t get it.

These costumes were like trying to put water in a car’s fuel tank. Everybody is yelling not to, so they put down the water bottle, and pick up the diesel can, not realizing that diesel is also going to ruin the gas/petrol engine…


Thanks for the update!

I appreciate that SGG had a swift response that not only included a written response, but action as well. I look forward to hearing more from them in the future as they promised in this correspondence.

I hope that this strong and united backlash will serve as some type of wake-up call for SGG so they will begin to give considerably more weight to feedback from their beta testers and moderators.


I appreciate them wanting to expand costumes, but I would like to see them do the first 10 hotms and season 2 first. Those are the ones that need them now.


It’s been a while since stopped hoping for moves from sgg to address power creep and the f2p/p2p gap. In fact, every move they take seem to be in order to raise short time revenue.

There is no end game before you decide it for yourself. Now, I absolutely don’t mean that there should exist a point where you’re “done”, but a sense of being able to progress would be fun. I haven’t progressed in well over a year, despite all the content (read: new and better hero’s) that has been added.

Without my alliance i wouldn’t be around anymore.


Nerfing the costumes won’t change the fact that costumes inherently buff their base characters.

A 5% increase in attack stat translates to something like 6.8% increase in damage. Even if the costume is a side grade or even down grade, that is, unequivocally, a buff.

The only way to avoid that would be to make the costumes a side/down grade and not give them costume bonuses.

Which means that they might as well, and here’s a decent idea, not bother


Such a disrespect to the 2017 hotms. gravemaker of all the heroes, and Thoth amun is lying festering in his crypt. This is favouritism at its worse.

Killhare isn’t even a year old, and they gave Lepus a costume. Um where is roostley’s again? Perhaps the most flawed Springvale 5 star hero doesn’t even get a costume…

Finley and jabber are barely a year old and they’re getting costumes. Both perfectly fine op heroes gets costumes. But no to sargasso because he doesn’t desperately need some serious rework or buff to be viable. Would you also like to bet they won’t even consider guin for a costume? Save them all the old gen tank wars drama.

Also I can’t wait for S3 costumes to drop so that Frigg can get back her original -4% Def value. Thanks, I hate it.

What’s your feeling about this hole situation?
  • Very Good, the game needs to progress and this is the way to do it
  • Good, I like most aspects about the followup of S1 costumes
  • Ok, I can live with the changes. Thats just how the game works
  • Bad, I dislike most of the changes presented
  • Very bad, its one if not the worst thing that happened to this game

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How will You going to change your spending?
  • I’m going to try everything to get my favorite heroes costume.
  • I’ll give the older portals a few more extra spins.
  • I won’t change a thing, what happens happens
  • I cut my spendings and become C2P/ F2P
  • Lul you fools. already deleted (all heroes) and goodbye.

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I’m curious how this turn out


What I see here with this is a way to validate releasing the heroes for S4 and Suicide squad already being OP.

Yes, this is gonna be a quick cash grab and there are those who will spend to continue to stay on top. I saw someone who had over 4K heroes to make sure they ended up with all 5 ninjas. Do the math as we figured this person spent 3K to get 5 heroes.

What they are doing is a complete conflict of what they just did or this is gonna be what we have already seen as a trend. Release a hero who is OP, nerf them after they get the cash claiming they did it for balance just as they did today with Frigg and Odin.

Personally, I’ve been one of the spenders who will continue to play this game as I love it but that goal to get into a top 5 alliance just flew out the door.

A power creep is acceptable and expected but a power surge isn’t.

Balance the heroes from the past and keeping peoples rosters relevant will be a hell of a lot more profitable and good for the long term viability of this game we’re so passionate about


True … and yet this was a win for the consumers. So let’s not ignore that.

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As glad as I am that they reconsidered, I’m not sure that this temporary stay of execution is a good sign. @NittanyLionRoar called this retraction in a video last night, but in not sure that I share his optimism. If I were to come home from work early and find that my wife had brought a stranger into our bedroom, both beginning to undress, I’m not sure how sanguine I would be about the fact that she then made him leave when she realized that she was caught and recognized my clear outrage. Moving forward could there possibly be any trust knowing fully (with no plausible deniability remaining) that this was her intent and that she is capable of such betrayal? What about the next time if I don’t catch her in the act? Do I even want to be with someone that clearly has so little regard for me?

The funny thing is, SG isn’t even being contrite about it. There is no remorse, no acknowledgment that they now realize why what they did was wrong. Just a shrug and a “I guess you caught us, this time”.


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