🧪 Early Information on Round 2 of Mighty Pets Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v55]

I’m a dreamer chasing any ice EDD hero better than Nordri

I will always get excited for new EDD blue heroes


Good luck. I bought a lot of pet pulls last time and didn’t get a legendary.

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I hardly make pulls besides the free ones or using coins farmed so it’s not likely I get him

Maybe Soul Exchange on November 2024 or Fated Summon 2026

Happy gaming

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Barkley hit 3 target at 150% and at average speed… Even a HOTM like Grace is hitting 3 at 285% and at fast speed and with a pretty decent secondary special skill as well… Many event and non-S1 heroes will hit all at 200%+ at fast…

They need to buff Barkley. He is worse than Hannah (who is hitting 3 at 215% at fast) and most of the hit-3 5* in the game at the moment.

Poseidon is getting more relevant everytime

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I like luna…lets see how this portal goes for me…teetering here atm…
Good luck everyone!!!
May the portals show you all kindness!

Edit: I have some saved EHT …that last few portals were not very kind to me at all, so much so, my spending is surprising sitting at a very low amount (1/4 of my usual) considering 2 portals open and an abundance of onscreen offers.


SGG make an epic ice defense down hero challenge: IMPOSSIBLE

So now that the Lunar New Year heroes singlehandedly destroy heroes like LotL and Waterpipe, they come out with THIS mana cutting mechanic :expressionless: Absolutely speechless


Yeah. Out with the old. In with the new product to stimulate sales

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nope sorrow will replace waterpipe lol

Never thought I’d imagine a time where Poseidon would become a must have counter, but I guess that time has now come :frowning:

It’s a Yes For now, to drive those without Poseidon to the quiet AR portal to try their luck. Or push HA10.

This current meta nerfs his costume’s utility. Need the costume for CB but CB is still at 3-3-6-1.

I hope Zynga is really reading Forum, as they claim that they do. Then they will jump onto creating more mana-ailment-block options with alacrity, while happily humming “Money, Money, Money”.

Luna…wtf!!! Pair that Owl with Pengi and it’ll be 5 minutes of animation on one turn. 5 moonbeams…yowza.


You are right, I read sth wrong.
Anyway, he is mainly a fiend summoner, not hitter. I agree that he needs either a bigger damage or a bigger fiend.

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I got Arthur. Same difference

Yes. When both offense and defense have a Luna and are firing at each other, it is truly excruciating. It is slower than Atomos, and much, much slower than minion attacks. Also, the defense animation is almost 2x slower than the offense animation. So it’s:


I’m not even going to try to bring Pengi with Luna, that’s just… shudder I don’t have all day.

The thought crossed my mind that a defense that was all just Luna plus revivers and healers would probably be hellishly annoying and might even sometimes win by default just by running out the clock. :rofl:


That’s actually a valid concern. With more and more passive and effects and stuff on the field, a single turn or even a single action can take a long time. Especially in rush format, time outs (or at least the countdown running) are becoming more and more frequent.

Luna is ridiculous. Has SG not learned anything from Waterpipe? Actually I take that back. They probably learned a lot: release stupidly OP hero, get lots of $$$, then release a counter a few months later.

So dumb.

This is crazy. Like waterpipe without the minions!
Can this be dispelled or is it not a status effect? (it sounds to me like it can’t be?)

Probably is a buff. Can be shut down by buff blockers