🧪 Early Information on Round 2 of Mighty Pets Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v55]

It’s a status effect. Buff blockers and dispellers work. Seshat is your friend with this one (her passive prevents mana reduction, and she dispels 3).


I mean if you’ve been playing this game for 2+ years, then you should know how SG operates by now.

And this is why I seriously don’t get all the nerf/buff threads - SG knows exactly what they’re doing, and the whales (willingly) fall for it every time. So what motivation does SG have to change their working formula?

cSabina might work even better here, since her superior manashield might actually prevent the mana cut, then she not only dispels, but prevents further buffs from happening. Of course she is also exceptionally squishy, so survivability might be a problem.


That’s if she could even fire her skill in the first place. Best counter is hypnos


Yes, this is a buff for allies, and it can be dispelled / blocked with buff protected.


Why do pets get missiles?


Maybe Barkley is keeping some after celebrating Lunar New Year :smiley:

My dog’s name is Luna but her special is bad breath (hits target for 1000% damage)


“Best massage of the forum” goes to @Ant :sweat_smile:

Isn’t he on your forum Id.


I think that Luna a snowball are the heroes to case

Yes, now we get answer what is the speed the Snowball is :rofl:.

There always has to be 1 weak hero in the list of releases ??? Jade, Exeera, Erebus, etc. There’s always 1 ?? Why is that ?? Surely the devs know that this specific hero is way off par compared to others but they still release as is similar to the current HotM. Even tho beta testers told the devs he’s still too weak but they still released as is ??? Why have beta testers if I don’t listen ??? Do they purposefully make the odds less for the desirable 1’s & higher for the weaker 1’s ? Cynical I know but I’ve noticed of late the appearance rate of 5’ has gone waaaaaaay down since the change of ownership !!! Just saying !!!

The more I consider what Luna does, the more I’m starting to be unimpressed by her. She is not as bad as some of those same types of mana cutting heroes, and not as bad as some people make her out to be. Her effects can really only be felt mid to endgame. At waterpipe’s worse, he can cut mana 15 times, Luna at her worse can only cut mana 5 times. And these are random hits, rng can be a fickle unreliable thing. The most she can do as tank is stall for an extra turn as she becomes a tile dump.
The new hotm Gilligan hard counters this hero from the get go. No matter how much mana she can rng cut, Gilligan gains back the mana from her buffs she creates. And when he fires and set up the DU, her 120% damage is going to be further useless
Charge heroes kinda gloss over what’s she’s doing
G hippo’s buff inhibition weakness can be applied here as well, as long as they fire before luna
I think even Barkley has more utility than her right now

As someone who advocates and used to main Carol in the towers, Barkley might be quite a fun hero to use, think people ain’t giving Barkley more credit.
The fiends stack, so the damage to neighbours may rack up 450% if it counts as each missile fiend. Plus she synergizes well with her fiend passive to deal 85% aoe everytime she fires
I do think she needs to be fast though

In one of these “lets sue SG” threads, someone - I think @BlackZed maybe - someone shared a link or quoted a section about lootboxes and legislation regarding them, and one section referred to a common practice of having items/heroes/things available that are theorhetically the same value, but in practice are not. The purpose to dilute the possibilities of pulling what is really wanted. The bad heroes exist exactly for that - to be bad and dilute the pool.

So maybe a portal has 1.3% odds for a 5* hero. But if there is one or two bad heroes, and another 4 or 5 okay heroes, along with 5 good heroes, you think your odds of pulling a good hero are 1.3%, but in reality the odds will be more like .6%. They don’t have to fudge the rng for the pulls, because the bad and less than good heroes eat up the probablities and lower the chances of actual good pulls