🧪 Early Information on ROUND 2 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v29]

Yes, they do. 9 tiles is considered fast. Takes 9 tiles to charge a costumed, average hero with a level 5 mana troop. Where’s the “the more you know” gif when you need it

8 tiles is considered fast mana speed. “the more you know gif”
9 is faster than average, that is it.

I’ll take a 3 match average hero 7 days of the week. If you want to argue semantics that’s cool. Lot more comes from costumes than just the stat bonus

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5% mana bonus IS the costume stat bonus! which is exactly what I said :roll_eyes:

If you can’t find a use for a 9 tile sniper/cleanser/DOT dealer then I don’t know what to say


He probably have multiple Seshat, which is exactly fast Domitia.

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You mean cleanable. There are not many cleansers out there (Rigard and Vivica are the only trainable 4/5* cleansers). Also, the cleanser(s) must be ready at the right time. Vela does a lot less damage (except against red) and spreads it over 4 turns, still she is seen as very powerful (yes, I know she is fast mana)

I mentioned a few as examples. I could add many more:

  • Tyrum: very useful as it makes him a fast cleanser
  • Joon: fighters can be pretty nasty to play against on defence, also his special is quite a bit more powerful which makes him a really hard sniper
  • Bane: his costume has a significantly higher base attack value which makes it a great choice for monthly events if you aim for a good ranking
  • Gunnar: must-have for monthly events
  • Tiburtus: great for PvP as he lowers defense for all five at medium mana speed (or almost fast with relatively low level troops)

Probably many more of those costumes which are in beta now make a significant difference in addition to the stat and mana boost. Haven’t included any of them this time as they are subject to change.

Now it’s up to you to tell us which costumes are really useless if you claim “most” (meaning much more than 50%) make hardly any difference.


I mean, you’re wrong (Costumes... Whats the Point? Which is Better?), but maybe that will be true for this second batch.

But I suspect not. Unless you want to focus on Skittles. But, that’s just more wrong.


Hm, Azlar’s costume isn’t that imposing but if he is average speed with via mana troop and bonuses in his default form, then he becomes scary. Domitia can be charged also only with 9 tiles and it is not even that hard to achieve in her case and 390% plus ~100 poison damage per round will almost instagib anything.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to them. Btw Magni looks cool (quite literally).

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Really nice design and @zephyr1 when will other constumes reveal ( design like 5 above ) ?

This round of additional costumes will be available in the summons gate in the May 2020 costume Event.

Check the #calendar for the specific dates :slight_smile:


Thanks bro , waiting for it and test my luck haha , upto now my good constume pulls are joon and tri

Are all of the listed new costumes in beta going to be available in the May costume event?

Yeah based on @Guvnor reply above ( in 4 from last including this reply)

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Here’s to hoping this batch of heroes have been thoroughly tested in beta and there will be no rebalancing done later. My eyes bleed from some of the posts on the topic.

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I have found getting the costume bonus is the best part except for Soyna so far.


I’v store 20 pulls for costumes

Yeah, I saved some keys and gems for 10x costume pull too, considering good chance to get something new. Will also get those key offers though SG really should swap Costume Horghall for something different because just seeing his ugly face does not want me to buy that offer (though buying offer out makes him go away … Maybe that’s what they aimed for :thinking:).

Anyhow this is maybe first time I would like to get Renfeld. His skill and look is much better. I am actually curious if I’ll get him when I actually want him.

Otherwise Magni, Domitia, Sartana and Kadilen would be nice to get. Especially since I just ascended my Kadilen to 4. Azlar maybe too, but with Kong getting buff he’ll be top priority for the rings. Also, maybe I’ll finally get Rigard’s Dapper Noble, and Kasshrek’s costume would make him my next project.

Btw Kiril looks useful and rad too. 3 more updates and we can make E&P Rock Band (for nitpickers, I meant with unique heroes).

Such disappointment in her costume.

Kiril’s costume looks pretty good for me, because it have stronger def down/atk down, than atk up/def up for current Kiril.

And you can use him with C.Rigard or C.Mel and use both specials and not overwrite each other.