🧪 Early Information on Round 1 of Secondary Season 1 Hero Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v50]

Congratz… Joon, Horghall, and Quintus will arrive at your TC20.

*not HA/costume chamber


I’ll take anything other than this. Give him a pointless new DOT like lightning damage I don’t care. Just no, no to this

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But how can he help? Only he can resist mindless attack, so he will be the only one without an ailment while other heroes will be useless. Klaern can’t do anything else. I’m not convinced :frowning:

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So obvious, SG wants us to pull and train 5 klaerns just for quintus. He is also a self healer so that is covered


Ah, now it makes sense. :grin:
You are thinking like them.


:joy::rofl: I am holding my EHT for July when the new POV starts. Let’s see how lucky I get.

I have adjusted the OP with Costume bonus progression.

It looks like the heroes get minimal extra costume bonus for Attack, Defense, and HP, and none for mana generation before you reach the max, and big boost of costume bonus is arrive on reaching the maximum.

You have a typo on the mana bonus for tier1 on leveling the second costume, it should be 5%, not 10%.


Thx, I have fixed it. I have accidently swapped the HP and mana rows for Tier 1.

At the time I posted my comment, Isarnia’s special skill had the same text as Magni’s special. Since posting my comment, the text of Isarnia’s special skill seems to have been corrected.

Kkkk… they already came … naked. Considering they can’t go out naked they will be waiting for the costumes (the second)

He’s the one you really need to keep your eye on :wink:



Eye see what you did there!


:upside_down_face::point_up_2: haha! The Billboard of Truth!
Sadly, I think they will spend until you are proven wrong.

Along with myopia,
Gacha brains also lack peripheral vision

S1 is such a great stepping stone, because you can get the naked version for free.
When they have to pay for balance on S4 and such. Then suddenly…
the blurry eyes start to blink.


I referring to the Styx heroes. Realized I posted in the wrong thread, haha.

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I appreciate the recognition of my bad joke!

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Made me laugh, so if it was bad joke I must like bad jokes :upside_down_face: maybe that it is why I like myself so much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



You can make klearn decent by resisting mindless and… Like lady Loki… Sending mindless back at the other team. Very niche… But it would make him not terrible…

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@mhalttu @Petri @KiraSG

I know SG/Zynga have complete authority on their business but this is unethical business practice.

Introducing power up via emblem and aether are okay because they have guaranteed source. Power up using costume BONUS on the other hand is not okay because it is another gacha, even if the keys have guaranteed source, it is not guaranteed to transform to 5* costume or needed costume.