🧪 Early Information on Round 1 of Owl Tower Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v63]

Another tower and family when Styx hasn’t got their second set of heroes yet. Goodness, this is owlful.


Holy heroes are already woefully underpowered compared to Dark and other elements in this game. Curious choice of element to pick on by SGG.


you know they probably have a set like this planned to combat each color, this is just the first one


I thought this, but why should Holy be the first target? Dark heroes have been ruling the game for years.


Moonrise just means “ignores all attack and defense changes other than wither”, or is there more to it? Because those attack numbers are huge.


or is it a sign we will eventually get one Tower per (anti) element…?

I mean, Zynga is perfectly capable of thinking up 5 sets of almost-identical heroes who just differ in which element they pick on :stuck_out_tongue:


ah jinx, great minds and all that, you took the words out of my mouth

well, if they are gonna release 5 sets of heroes/events anyway, then maybe they think: does not matter which element gets picked on first, we’ll get to em all anyway!

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What about uncleansable ailments like ex. mana steal?

It’s most likely a Cleopatra style block where it immediately blocks and triggers the mana gain. Stag and bear families’ passives do that too with attack and defence down respectively

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Imagine Luna having related family bonus to this family

So we getting a tower festival for the first 3 towers? I think this is start of the second gen tower heroes

Does anybody know (or is willing to check) how Moonlight Damage and Ward scaling work?

Does Moonlight Damage simply scale like Attack/Defense?
Does it scale like regular attacks, I.e. (Attack/Defense)^x where x>1?

In a similar manner, does Moonlight Ward simply scale like Defense/Attack? Or differently?


Owl Tower with Owl heroes and probably means Owl Troops.


I shouldn’t be shocked seeing this thread. Are the fancy legendary troops attached to this event specifically?

From what I understand, it’s a dot - moonrise damage - and a damage prevention buff - moonrise ward. Both scale according to the damage formula in regards to “permanent stats” - ie normal stats +/- growth/wither.

So I guess other than pairing with growth/wither, the dot is worse than normal dots, which ignore defense?

This new moonrise mechanic seems to be introduced as “superior” damage ??

Since it may not be affected by enemies’ def/attack up/down normal ailments

(in a similar spirit to mega minions, which ignore the old minion mechanics)

Not sure if i understand its mechanic correctly though

In “higher levels” (whatever that means) of war and raiding the meta is already turned to red/green.
Less and less dark tanks around, but they are often flanking (with Luna, Phorcys and Darkfeather as the most prominent)

Lacking on imagination?

They look Power Rangers… all the same, just different colours… Did SG/Zynga fire the previous creator?

Very intriguing,

Not sure to understand how this Moonligh damage works,

Is it like other DOT and increases with base attack ?.

Can someone in Beta give more details please ?

What is the 40% more damage when the target is Holy?

Is it
1- 520 x 1.4 = 728


2- 520 + (attack stat x 40% damage)