🧪 Early Information on New Mighty Pets Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v52]

This is what I would be most excited to synergize or worried about with other fiends.


What does stronger enemy mean?

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More new heroes/event? Man this game is going insane


What means Shifting Mindless Attack?

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This was a question I had too. I tried a few raids and didn’t notice anything. But another beta tester had better results.

Either way, this is something that should be better described in game (this has been submitted in beta feedback by both myself and another tester).


So they nerf the Kingdom heroes family bonus the same day they introduce these guys into beta with a PASSIVE that is stronger then the new 2nd tier for the kingdom family? This company is garbage. Do they not think anything through?


if they are on defense, they cast it on me, it gets anyone on my team, or the selected target? it changes every turn? its random?
Very curious about it!

Damn… Furdinand makes my Mica feel utterly worthless. I mean, Mica has the mana increase, but reflecting status ailments and HP regen…bro. And Furdinand cleanses. Bruh…


W3k heroes bonus can apply multiple times in same turn and all share same bonus, here is only for one hero…

I dont support any nerfs that they just did…

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Nice more OP heroes, looking forward to the event though.

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what is the meaning of stronger enemy from hero Toto? More hP, stronger element?

How lovely, now I can enjoy being stomped on by adorable little critters! (Well, Bastet already does that so…)


Does shifting midless attack change depending on some pattern (target, adjacent hero) or randomly? When it changes targets, can it be resisted?

Also, you didn’t replace the name from the template: these have been indicated to be for a new challenge event called “Slayers of Fell Shadows”.

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Great. New heroes finally.

Now, don’t forget to absolutely not pull at the 1st time of this portal.

Then wait for the next balance update to hit the floor right before the portal comes up a 2nd time and see how over powert they get.

Then watchout for the top 100 Teams and see what heroes occures there the most. So you get an idea which one will be nerfed next.

Wait for the hero portal to come up a 3rd time.

Then wait for the next balance update to see how the most popular heroes get nerfed to be nearly completly useless.


(I have a strong feeling, that this post will age like fine wine. Please, someone reminde me of it when it comes true)


Y’know, it’s one thing to get used to getting sand kicked in one’s heroes’ faces by shiny newer heroes, and another to watch a carefully earned, leveled, emblemed, LB’d team of heroes get savaged by “Bubbles” and “Toto.”

le sigh


When you mentioned “pets” last week @PlayForFun, I thought we were looking at a new game mechanic like troops. I guess they are just another new batch of heroes though. SMH


I was actually thinking dragons, since the last AMA was all dragons, all the time.


Of course Bubbles is a cat. :rofl:


is the name of the event correct?

Thx, I have fixed it.