🧪 Early Information on New "League of Villains" Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V35]

No, you can just use Challenge event coins which you can earn in this and any other challange events

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Damn! If the idea is to add 4 more challenge to make a total of 10 it feels like they should modify the rewards, it wouldn’t kill them to add more 4* ascension mats, i have way too many legendaries waiting in the bench and not enough mats to even use them


they should make 2 different challenge at the same time and let players choose which one they want to play :
-keep the old challenge with old rules for free players
-new challenge like villains with bonus stats, bonus score, for big whales

we know how much SG hates free players, so at least this way they make things clear, new 6* heroes for those who wants to pay
and free players can still compete with previous system and get some has been and nowadays useless heroes

now with new challenge replacing completely the old ones, free players have absolutely no chance to compete

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Lol big whales would still do both and grab all the rewards on both


You can use EHT for seasonal events like Springvale in April, and that’s what I’m saving them for. Other than that, only the vanilla summons with the minimal 1.5% vanilla 5* chance

Agreed - I have managed to level 1/3 of my 5* heroes and am now contemplating feeding some more of the dups given the 7 day wait for a 5* chance at a non-classic hero through HA…

More ascension mats makes the choices easier…

Can they not give trainers in summons ? Wtf . It’s bad enough I have gotten 3 stars my last ten pulls but a trainer is a slap to the face . I will use the three stars in the game the trainers just get burnt up in ascension and not even cool not farmable materials . Please E&P don’t go this route

Well its really time and mats consuming to get ranked in top100 in every difficulty, even the top1000 its not that easy. If they want to do it twice a month they must be real no life nerdz :rofl:
And at least this doesnt change the situation of what we have with the former challenge we used to play
its still the same competition and SG could sell even more battle items, so win win for everyone
-Or they can just make a system where you have to choose which challenge you want to play between an old one and a new one and cant play both, like emblem path, path of free players friendly challenge or path of big whales challenge

with these new challenge it will be a very huge gap with +20% stats in addition to these already very strong heroes and its obvious now that they will make no change to it, power creep is already here, they wont nerf S4 or villains and S2/S3/hotm/event costumes are coming too

Any three stars I get are food anyway, so I’m THRILLED we will get trainers since those will level much more than a regular 3* food. The numbers for higher end heros are the same so I hope they bring this to all the portals.


But think back waaaaay back when you were new and a four star was a good haul. Maybe even as far back as a three star got you excited . We aren’t all there as we just burn heroes for food . Hard to feel newer players could close the gap and honestly it just loses the chance to get a decent hero. Kind of sand in the face … my two. Cents

I mean personally I don’t keep dupes of anything so within about a month of starting to play I would be happier to get the trainer heros. Plus the very newest players won’t be doing too much with challenge events anyway.

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If you are at that stage, then just don’t pull in this event

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I seem to remember someone suggesting ages ago, it may have been when Ninja Tower was in beta, that they might fill the portal with trainers instead of the usual old faces, and being quite in favour of that idea.

Not everything is designed to be new-player friendly. It’s not as though there is a shortage of other places to pull our favourite rares.


I am the same. HA build & research times + long HA retraining time = time to feed away 2nd Elkanen (1st isn’t even ascended yet) and 4th Richard…

How did the difficulty of League of Villains compare to the current rotation of challenge events? Is stage 1 comparable to old/current stage 1? Is LoV stage 10 comparable to stage 15 in the other challenge events?

It’s like the old style Challenge Events.

Realistically the initial stages are pretty easy.

The final 5 stages of current CE’s are comparable in difficulty to the final 5 stages of League of Villains Challenge Event.


Sad day to be reading this response. Never mind rewarding those that collect the heroes. Let’s remember collecting them is a gamble in the first instance. Additionally, I personally play this game as there is an element of skill to it. This kind of boost removes any need for that and allows you just to stomp about like a stroppy three year old to get what you want.

I’ve played this game for over three years and watched it become more and more profit oriented. I understand this, it is a business. However the micro spending c2p will be pushed out which will far decrease SG revenues than the marginal perceived game from a few spending a tiny bit more that this will generate, it’s just a bad business decision SG and will affect your profits. I suspect that might interest you more than the have nots giving it a moan.


I get what you are saying and the never ending stream of new heroes is evidence that there is still lots and lots of spending going on.
My worry is for the F2P and C2P who will be pushed out to the perimeters of the game and subsequently give up because the goal posts keep changing.
And I have already seen new alliance members give up on the game because even when they pull a 5 star hero they wait forever for mats and then when they finally get it to max - they discover that their new hero is basically redundant because of the power creep heroes becoming available


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