🧪 Early Information on New Knights of Avalon Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V23]

Define “new player”. I’m a week short of a year and stalled in both green and red with 3 sturdy shields and 3 hidden blades. I find the monthly 3* mat event quite helpful.

Not that I’m disagreeing on the main point. Completing legendary deserves a 4* mat, especially if they’re adding more levels and more difficulty. It’s already far more of an accomplishment than finishing a rare quest.

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I am not sure if I am getting your point right. More variance in winning is okay but it is way too expensive if it gets more random. Where is the challenge if you are winning based on luck?

The changes do not really give others the chance to be top100. The wisdom is practically the same for everyone. I wrote a guide for example about how to play. Everyone is able to read it here in the forum.

A winning right now is based on skill, heroes and refills. Why give it a bigger random part?


I am pretty much the same as yourself, just over 11 months since i started playing and i have more 3* mats than I need now and i know I can keep a steady stream of them coming in. I could ascend more 4* heroes to use them up but there is not much point in that, I have 6 teams of 4* already, what i need is to ascend some 5s. I have Seshat stuck at 3/70 waiting for tabbards and apart from the rare quest one every 2 months i haven’t received a tabbard for longer than i can remember. I still need 3 more so at current levels it will be another 5 months to level her which is ridiculous. Because it’s so hard to get 4 mats I am reluctant to use the ones i have on the average 5* heroes i have. Because it takes so long to accumulate 6 4* mats I am waiting for a hero worth using them on. It just makes no sense to restrict them so much. A 4* mat in each challenge event would only give 12 a year, which is a sensible amount.


Because everything in this game works like that…
The Challenge events were the only thing really p2w in the game… never saw it anywere else…
I really see your point.
Just saying maybe thats not SG point for now…
From what i’ve seen raidt works and everything else works mainly rng… i dont really think SG want this game to be p2w but p2p…
I didnt even said i agree or desagree just another poiny of view.


hi! are there any idea about the release date for the v.23?

For those who are interested, I tested some scores on Rare stage 1 where you can isolate one variable. They were identical to the scores in this thread:

This suggests that the formulas for time, health and combinations are the same. I did not have time to test other levels but I suspect they go up the same way as in the last iteration of the challenge.

From my BRIEF observations, I believe that there have been several things changed:

  1. Rare chests often wreck havoc on the score (they may enhance scores on early levels per one of the beta testers but will reduce scores in many levels, especially chests that take several turns to be vulnerable)

  2. The minion health and boss health is higher than in the previous challenges, especially in the later levels. I can still kill the rare level one enemies with items only. However, some of the later stages require multiple rounds of items just to kill the second wave, and the later bosses cannot be killed as easily as in the past.

While the same people will probably win the event and place high, item usage will go way up for these folks. It will be much more difficult to be in the top 10 in all three tiers, which I think is a positive.

The UCLA/Dator strategy of flee and wait for a perfect board will still be somewhat effective but with increased item usage. However, the one perfect board plus items will probably not get many through the upper levels without some additional tile play. Unfortunately, some of the measures that were suggested to counter this strategy were not implemented, but at least the changes are positive. My guess is that the loudest complaints will be from folks placing top 10 in multiple tiers every month, and I don’t have a great deal of sympathy for them because the changes will not upset the order too much.


Beta Update

Beta for the new Knights of Avalon Challenge Event is now closed. I’ll update this thread if it returns to Beta.


The same was done for Pirates of Corellia?

Not yet, but indications are that’s up next for Beta.


Oh boy. I’m getting excited. Call it wishful thinking, but the timing of all of this suggests to me that Avalon next month will be the new version, and the rest will follow with the new versions after that. That is, as long as there weren’t a lot of issues with the beta that just closed. Thoughts? PURE speculation.

I think it’s just as plausible or more so that next month will be the new version of Pirates. That would be more in keeping with the original announced plan, and there’s still plenty of time for Beta testing it.


Maybe they should do Avalon and see what feedback they can gather and problems if any occur before pirate’s but thats just wishful thinking lol

I don’t follow the reasoning on how that would make more sense than doing Pirates first, gathering feedback and addressing issues, and then having Avalon after. :thinking:


One or the other is fine for me, just hope they roll it with the enhanced rewards :grin:


I am more excited for the improved challenge tiers than the new heroes. 4* mat for top 1000? I might go for it. Any recommendations on how I should start preparing? I have only ever gone for the completion rewards.

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Hummm so next month it can be:

1- Knights of Avalon (regular not the new event)
2 - Pirates of Corelia revamped!
3 - knights of Avalon revamped!

I’m inclined to Option 1 idk why… and guessing October will give us the first revamped event - Pirates!
Still 2/3 chances of being knights of Avalon :joy:

Save your itens and we flasks and gems to buy we refills!


Mono-teams of 4 fast snipers and 1 AoE or just 5 fast snipers tend to rule at events. The colors that you’d need will vary between events. For Avalon, green is king. For Pirates, yellow is best. Of course, this could all change with the re-balance. Just my 2-cents…


I’d start with these existing guides:

There will be opportunities to improve scores with changes in the new Stages and the Suspicious Chests, but the fundamentals of the Event scoring are the same, so that’s a good starting point.

I’d also start heavily stockpiling Battle Items and WE Flasks.


Thank you, I’ll read all those threads when I get home from work.

I have 50 WE flasks, but some were supposed to be for Atlantis Rises.
Battle items, I have 100+ of each because I never use them.

I know this is tough to answer, but how realistic is top 1000 or so? I don’t wanna spend money trying. I never bothered before because the rewards weren’t worth the effort and I could never be top 10… still can’t decide if it is worth going for.

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