🧪 Early Information on General Hero Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v37]

Let’s compare Justice with Thor again. :slight_smile:


It’s literally the first post in this thread.

That said, they buffed the special skills, not the ATK.

Poor Perseus when is he gonna get some love

I think justice, khagan, quintus, noor, elena, vivica minimum have average speed.


I wish they would put her on the list for buffs too. If they buffed her so that she was a hero worth chasing people would spend money to get her (well, not me since I refuse to spend a single penny more on this game after the costume announcements earlier this year, and I have her already anyway).

Same logic as for every other hero that needs a buff but gets constantly ignored.

Players who have already got all the best heroes from portals may spend again if they actually buffed some of the ones that no one wants to chase.

I read it the way you did. Still no costumes were buffed.

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Yes, the same opinion. At the beginning was using Noor in defense team and in wars BUT. She is really useful against any damager with soooo slow mana generation.

Eh… take the buff but it isnt enough to make these useable against newer heroes

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Agreed, and I think devs intentionally to keep those old heroes weaker than newer heroes. Of course some of the S1 5* heroes are still highly usable (especially costumed version like Lianna, Alzar, Joon… etc).It is their so called balancing.

What I would say is, some heroes are still relatively weak even buffed on upcoming update. No matter how many players suggested dramatically buff or change mana speed to average but their voices are being ignored all the time.

Miki, the best titan hero in the game, does not need a buff. 4 rounds is already eternity, I’ve even seen Miki used effectively in Rush Attack defenses.

+5% to Noor’s minions won’t make her a good war hero. She’s too slow for war and her minons don’t target enemy minions, so she’s not even a good minion killer. It’s better to take Gobbler, he’s more reliable.

I’m glad the season 1 heroes are getting some buffs, but what about Guardian Owl? That poor bastard.


Suggestions for past HOTM and Others

Thoth-Amun : Why not buff him with Steal Health (He looks like Dracula tho) and his Minion got a Poison / Any Ailments when attack.
Musashi : Probably a bit of Buff like Defense for Special Skill.
BW : Probably give him at least 150-180% attack to all enemies

Miki : Please make him back to 4 turn. It’s too scary to fight him in Rush War with 5 turn silence :slightly_frowning_face:

And the other S1 Heroes
Hopefully they got adjusted and buffed well enough to be able to compete with S4

this mean create mass destruscion weapons! SG will never do that (for free :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I’m C2P (i’ve 35maxed 5 stars, 2 costumes, 1 S3 hero, 2 S2 heroes, 3 event Heroes, 1 ninja and many HOTM).
I’m actually playing in a top20 alliance, it’s hard to compete with people with all costumes, S3 and S4 heroes but i can still survive.
I understand that “limit breakers” are one form of natural evolution of game. I’d liked more something different than pure powerup, but ok, we need a new goal to chase or we became bored by game.
These balances could be a great way to allow the mid-low players to have again a chance to compete (or at least not being annihilated) vs big spenders.
So please SG give some love to older heroes! We will still chase new heroes, but if this gonna be the only way to keep playing without tons of frustations, a lot of people will turn FP2 or will shut down their devices


Here here, well said. I’m F2P and vey happy with these. I pretty much have all these S1 heroes so happy with any improvements, particularly Justice and Horgall. I also have Miki so extra happy with this change. Question is I just ascended Khagan and his costume. Will the original version be better with this buff or go with the unchanged Costume?

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If they aren’t going to make Noor average speed, can they at least make it 33% on both stats?


When she fires she makes minions and she gives 30% defense against special skill damage ONLY to red heroes.

So, this is not my job and I should not think about it, but the point is:

When she fires, something important should happen if she only makes minions: the minions should worth the slow mana.
If this will not be enough, then add something to the pot, cleanse or something else.

In general:

I am not a fan of changes in mana speed because I think it is good to have these layers, otherwise just let’s delete the mana speed, all average and let’s balance the specials.

But what the special does should worth its charging speed.

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Beta Update

Some balances for some heroes costumes also added just now.


Seems i will finally work on my 1/1 c Horghall

Well this is no ask and help thread, but it goes a tiny bit into the topic.

I personally thought khagans damage (normal uncostumed) already is quite a sledgehammer. No other hero hits that high on 3 targets. (Except ninjas and azlarcostume).

I dont really get why he seems to get a Buff, but it is alright.

In any case a regular hero buff is totally fine, as long as there will also be some adjustments on older heroes (hotm and event).

I cant imagine how frustrating it would be as f2p to summon bosswolf of guardian owl (oh dang… now I called names…)

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Anyone know when this update will take place? Not gonna lie looking forward to it!!! But there are alot more that need this to make season 1 viable again and some of these are to minuscule to matter!

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