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In today’s channel 9 A Current Affairs our top stories will be E&P Valor complaints,
Last stage Legendary difficuity issues and Mods not giving us a fair go.

Our breaking news story in for those in lock down due to the Coronavirus.

We are hoping that being in lockdown has provided you all with extra time to complete all of E&P’s quests and challenges this month.
It was said by a few interviewed families that finding things to do can become monotonous and we they bored very quickly, but playing Empires and Puzzles has releived them from that boredom as they don’t see the time fly past.
From our news crew! Stay safe and healthy everyone.
E&P also suggested! Players could request other family members to download and join the Empires and puzzles community through their ingame settings to help pass the time away for everyone.

Now back with our main story of the day

E&P has started a new Path Of Valor quest which has got some players up in arms thinking the wouldn’t complete it as raids and summons look like they will be extremely challenging and make completing this PoV impossible for some players.

@nevarmaor and @Guvnor as well as others have all clearly stated that is not really an issue as E&P has done their best in providing a much bigger leeway in points on this PoV which means not all Yes we did say NOT ALL challenges will need to be completed to reach what most players want which is the 4* mats.
They also say that if players with doubts where to READ suggestions made by our regulars and many others who understand the game more these complaints wouldn’t be necessary and players could continue to enjoy the game more. Those players could enjoy the benefits of the a free VIP pass when doing friend requests.

Now on to our second last story for the today about the last Wonderland stage in the legendary tier

Firstly! E&P Moderators say; These events weren’t designed to be completed by everyone and there is no shame in not making the end of any tier. They are only a test of strength and skill according to your current roster and provided for entertainment purposes only.
There is a lot of players offering great suggestions based on their own experiences which may work for you so take these suggestions on board and go have fun trying out different teams. If you at the end of the day you don’t succeed then be happy happy you tried and content with the results.

Now to our last story and this one folks is one that needs more attention by everyone as mods (moderator’s) have far to easy.

There is a Forum Game which is called “Count to # number before a Mod posts à Zéro (0)”. This # is currently set at 20 and each set of 20 is a winning round.

This game involves players to sequence a set of continuous posts each with the following number into it from the previous post.
PLAYERS Say! We need help with more players adding to the count as Moderators are are too fast and on the ball.
They are on to many occasions not letting us get us get past 1 or 2 posts as they are always watching us.
@PlayForFun and @Sarah2 and a few others would like to beat any previous records set by making this even harder for our mods by having extra players taking part.
@Ozy1 has suggested waiting till our mods go to sleep and getting multiple wins during this time has proven to be effective.

Our Mods @Guvnor and @littleKAF say! Anyone is welcome to challenge us and our wits anytime and if you think your good enough then please don’t hesitate to join our Forum Game, just please read the rules first I the Original Post.

Tomorrow’s stories look like they are mostly about E&P once again with our top story yet to be announced.

So from us here at channel 9’s A Current Affairs program!
#PlayApartTogether and stay safe.


Maury: In the case of 5 year old Graymane, Fenrir…you ARE the father!!


Justice vowed to stay indoors indefinitely, stating she’s “tired of cleaning her crown of pigeon poop”.

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Your latest fashion faux pas news… Melendor tries on a new look at the E&P Ball, and ends up confused for fellow attendee Gandalf the Grey. An embarrassed Melendor makes a quiet exit, while a gracious Gandalf compliments the new look.


Horghall hospitalized with RoundUp poisoning.


Telluria sues Little John for damages to her property.

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Lmao roundup poisoning


Vela open up about sexual abuse she endured while working under Grimm: "He was trying to show me his “Ramming Pulverizer.”

Joon announces that after aeons of concentration, he finally pooped.

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After 10 years in captivity, Hu Tao finally mated…Sha Ji and Gan Ju could not be reached for comment

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Ameonna has been outed as a spy, says her assignment was to let the raiding team ghost the tiles while she’s “in ghost form”.

Wu Kong Confesses To Accepting Bribes

Wu Kong, longtime E&P hero, admits under oath that his “chance to miss” was entirely voluntarily, that he is in fact capable of landing every single hit, but only does so “when he feels like it,” adding that he only actually aims for his targets when his handlers “properly entice him.”

He declined to comment further when asked exactly what would constitute ‘proper enticement’.


Good morning all and welcome to Monday’s Edition of channel 9’s A Current Affairs program.
Today’s stories include; Fan Art Competition, Tanks getting Bombarded but first let’s go to our update on the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus update
Although coronavirus deaths are still occurring, statistics show that new cases is starting to flatline in many areas with the amount of deaths decreasing daily.
They say social distancing seems to be the main cause of that so everyone should continue with social distancing till further notice.
Supermarkets are now I forcing social distancing in their stores and say this looks like it will be enforced for some time so customers should stay calm when waiting in line to do their shopping.
Customers are saying! We can accept social distancing rules for supermarkets and no problem with it BUT what we don’t understand is why supermarkets aren’t restocking their shelves with essential items like Toilet Paper, paper towels, Sanitizers, rice and pasta. They keep telling us that people shouldn’t panic as they have tons in their warehouses, but all the stores are empty.
As the customers we feel this is the main reason for the panicking at the moment.
Police are saying! We are targeting blackmarket sales of these products as it’s been said some of these thugs are selling things like toilet paper for $500 à packet and Sanitizers for $650 à bottle. Police say we have around 14,000 police working daily on this type of racketeering as with the current situation being the way it is, this type of behaviour and profiteering will just not be tolirated, we eurge those coming into contact with these criminals to report them to us.

Police in some areas are also handing out more and more $1000 fines to people taking walks in parks and on our beaches with the current total of fines handed out to date in the last 7 days amounting to well over $400,000.oo. The Australian Gov is saying that these measures although harsh, they are both important to keep everyone safe and necessary to prevent this virus getting out of control.
Police are saying we do our job as we are told to just like everyone else and if people don’t want to be fined then stay I doors, things like walks in parks, visiting friends, backyard barbecues, dates and parties/events and country drives are currently a thing of the past and the only reason people should be out is to either work, exercise or go shopping. Doctors visits are also accepted but they say unless your extremely ill, these can also be done online now a days.
More on this can be found here

So here at the E&P community forum we say #PlayApartTogether and stay safe.

Now to other news, Tanks being bombarded

Telluria is new to empires battle fields and is starting to find herself being the target of a very widely used Tank more and more these days.
Here’s what Telluria had to say on the matter!
I was developed to be pretty robust and although my nature elements are quite intimidating to some I find myself constantly being placed in the centre of the front-line as the main tank.
Wolf Boss and Aegir both came on yesterday stating!
We have been doing well as tanks up till now and we can’t understand why some of these top players would replace us with the likes of Telluria as all she can provide is a prolonged battle with her minions branching off of all her allies where as we provide power and strength as well as protection to all our allies.
Justice today said!
I feel Telluria’s novice will eventually start to fade out as opponents find ways to bring her down quickly before she gets to use her specials thus soon pushing her to a flaking position in the near future.
Telluria today responded by saying!
I feel dear Justice may be onto something there and I think I might prefer that position as I could potentially be more useful as a flank and still provide the same protection to my allies. I feel much safer with the likes of Wolf Boss and Aegir in front of me as this gives me more time to build up my special skills.
Wolf Bass and Aegir couldn’t be with us today but did say this!
We agree with Telluria’s suggestion and we both feel we are far superior as Tanks overall, it will be great to get back into the game where we belong doing what we do best.
Justice aslo said! Hey guys don’t forget me as I also have been a formidable tank in the past and feel we could take it turns.
Place your comments and thoughts about Telluria here in @zephyr1 top thread on the subject.

Now to our final story of the day, Empires & Puzzles Fan Art Contest
This contest is for the whole community to enjoy and participate in to display their works of art.
We are seeing a lot great entries here

Being submitted with a few having multiple entries.
It is clear their are many great artists around enjoying Empires and puzzles so much that they can take pleasure in producing fantasticly looking pieces of work which would have taken them time to create.
Our E&P judges like @Petri and others will have their work cut out in deciding which 3 should be the winners and feel participants should not feel discouraged if they don’t win as their work can be used in their alliance recruitment threads to encourage new members.
We are also pleased to see that this contest has brought new first time members to our firum community with many displaying commitment to their alliances by producing and displaying great works of art.
If you haven’t yet posted your alliances entry now is the time to do so.

Well folks thas been quite an indepth episode of A Current Affairs today and hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed telling you these stories.

So from us at the E&P News Network’s, channel 9, A Current Affairs program, good day/night and don’t forget to #PlayApartTogether and stay safe to avoid those hefty fines.


Marie-Thérèse Investigated by Purple Body for Ethics Breaches

The governing Purple stack council filed opened an investigation into Marie-Thérèse’s zombie-reanimation skill, said their official statement.

“It’s disturbing,” says Reanimated Huntress, Seshat. “Nearly half the Purple heroes are undead, and it is extremely insensitive to toy with undead bodies in this manner. My own replicator minions are mechanical, no actual bone matter has been used.”

“It’s more than just disturbing and insensitive,” adds Deathbound Lady Sabina. “I know some of the puppets that Marie-Thérèse is playing with! Or should I say knew - they are obviously not themselves anymore!”

The complaint alleges that Marie-Thérèse is not simply reanimating completely dead bodies, but rather controlling the minds of already-reanimated undead. It also alleges links to the mysterious disappearance last month of remnants Oberon, Tyrum and Silthus, last seen with Marie-Thérèse in the famous Skullcrusher Club.

“These complaints are completely false and frivolous,” Marie-Thérèse said in a statement.

“I cannot comment on this case, but I am eager for justice to be done,” said presiding judge, Aeron. “To ensure fairness, I have ordered all involved to refrain from speaking further to the press.”


We need to bring her into The Story. Lol.


I know, right? M-T is going to be comedy gold!


A local civil rights lawyer has just stepped in to represent Marie-Thérèse, claiming that her practices, “while considered unusual by many, are fully protected under religious freedom laws”.


Ever since Chick Jr. have started attending Squiring School in Springvale ISD even after failing to attend the school for two straight years, area wide talks have started speculating, that Sir Roostley, former athlete and president of the school board had pulled some strings. Some residents even started referring him as Chick Sr. suggesting a relationship between the two.

When our reporters attempted to reach out Sir Roostley, he declined to comment.


I heard Bauchan agreed to represent her case.

According to him, the provisions are outlined in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section of her Special healthcare contract. He argues that it is merely a variation of organ donor program.

“They knew the risks when they agreed to be healed,” - said Bauchan on Monday.

Medical malpractice or corporate overreach…stay tuned to find out more.

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In Entertainment News, long time couple Gunnar and Kailani are reported to be calling it quits, ending their 5 year relationship. As the only practitioners of the mystical art of Spirit Link in Karemdol, the split came as a shock to all its denizens, but none more so than their mentor, a semi-retired fisherman named Wilbur in a distant kingdom.

When interviewed on the Gerry Springvale Show, the couple got into what appeared to be a shouting match where Kailani accused Gunnar of secretly gambling away all the money they earned as instructors. Gunnar fought back by accusing Kailani of cheating on him with someone else.

Financial records confirmed Kailani’s words… But security had to be called in to restrain all parties when Gunnar found his haphazard accusation had actually been true, but that person was none other than his twin brother Gunther, Blacksmith.

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