Doubles specials

Do doubles’ specials stack? I got a second hawkmoon w costume and wanted to know if their special stacked or was just redundant. Thanks gang!

They do not stack from what I understand. If you leveled a dupe, then whatever levels are on said dupe’s costume is for that hero and that one alone. Your original maxed hero and maxed costume are just for the original. No dupes get the same stats from the first fully maxed hero if that makes any sense.

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Nope. Status effects & status ailments of the same type over-write each other.

Only exception being if the first ailment was “Undispellable”

See this thread by @DaveCozy about all the status effects/ailments

@Aunty_Krauser, I believe OP was referring to special skills. I.e Hawkmoon’s attack buff in this instance


Twenty Thanks guys! HAWK is on the menu!


@Guvnor My bad, I thought he was referring to the stat boosts from the costumes. That is what I get for only having 3 and a half hours of sleep and having to keep myself energized for work. Lol.


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