Don't waste your time on legend! - Tavern Of Legends Vent Thread (Odds, Summons etc...)

They really need to boost the odds in this portal.
It should be truly tavern of legends with hotm that are usually pretty obtainable… just like HA it should be 5%

I’ve found that once you tell the game your done spending is when it gives you the best pulls. I got Red Hood and Frida from my free pulls this month. I’ve had some good success with Taverns but after the qst 6 months of at least spending for one of the deals I’ve determined I wont spend on this event anymore.

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With the odds they give out of this portal and the relevancy of the heroes in there now compared to what has been released of late and S3 along with the 2 new challenge events, I dont know why anyone would even do that 30 pull special with the flasks. Yes, there are a few semi decent heroes you can use like Fong, GM and and the defense down heroes but I, personally would rather hold the line here and wait for the S4 and S3 portals. Pretty much anything you can get lucky with out of those 2 portals and the upcoming circus challenge event makes this portal close to trash. Even the base power of these heroes are now about 25 to 40 less then what is released now

Summoning odds of Tavern of Legends is the worst IMHO, I did pull many times in the past and the result is always disappointed. Now I only summon hero with the token that I earn from the mission, never spend gem on that, never.

Devs doesn’t give customer higher chance to get decent hero ? fine, we spend less money on the game, fair.

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Really, you are so lucky and get care by devs. :+1:

How the heck did you get her this month?

Got 2nd GM in the first TOL event and a third one on the second TOL. I only want 5 past HOTMs from the Tavern: Delilah, Zimkitha, Hel, Zeline and Malosi.


I meant for the April during Grimforest event. She was my 1st free event pull and Frida was during pulled from my second free pull from Taverns.

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I have stopped to attempt in taverns of legend.rather than being disappointed I prefer to stop wasting time.

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I did a 39 pull and got a couple of useless 4* and loads of 3* heroes. Waste of cash really.

You got two HOTM from ToL? That is actually very good luck. Congrats! Who was the other HOTM you got?

Legend tavern is the worst place to grab hero’s. god knows why players still try :man_facepalming:t3:… The hero’s are not even that good aswell now compared to the season 3 and 4 hero’s plus theres even a new event at the end of the month circus BS with even more new good hero’s. Why waste your money it’s crazy lol.

Well, looky what happened. I vowed a while ago not to spend money on TOL, despite being graced with an extra Frida and Kingston a while ago. With my two free pulls this time around, I was blessed with Evelyn. Still won’t spend money on this portal, as the odds are horrible, but thankful nontheless.

Thanks! Just Grimble :rofl: but I am satisfied with it.

I have not been impressed with the villains event nor with S4 heroes so far, despite the higher stats. For me the best heros at the moment are in costumes and in S3. I haven’t looked at the Starfall ones yet. In regards to TOL I have gotten Musashi, Myztero, Zelina and Delilah. Love my Myztero, got some use out of Musashi but probably no more, unlikely to level Delilah and Zeline is a possibility. I would love a second Myztero - that would make one war team almost impossible to beat. I would also really love a GM, an Onatel, Hel, Gregorion, Zimkitha, Neith, Miki. Of course there are quite a few that I would be quite neutral about, and quite a few that I would not feel too good about pulling. So overall I agree that it is not the best portal to pull from… but I keep hearing that siren call from Myztero #2

Best minion counter in the game, that is a great get

Yeah, a nice counter to Freya, Bera Meta​:ok_hand: Thanks :laughing:

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