Don't understand raid tournament scoring

Okay, I can’t seem to fathom the raid tournament scoring. I won most of my raids and finished thousands behind the winner. The most points available were 607. Assuming the winner finished in defence cat A they averaged 760 points per battle. Am I missing something?

Winner has 19945 points. Probably he scored A defense 5 times which is 5*900=4500

This leaves 15445 points and 25 attacks. 15445/25=618.

So he averages around 618 points with permanent A score defense and 25-0 attacks.

When I check my score that looks reasonable. I have 25-0 on attack and averaged around 619 per attack. But my def was E,D,CCC so I ranked just around 1800.


You only get 900 points for defence if you won every one, it’s not multiplu3d surely? My fences were in action a whopping 50 times in the previous tourney. By your reckoning, if I’d won them all, I’d have had a defence score of 45,000!

No, that’s not how the defence scoring works. It goes by percentage of wins, so if by the end of the day you have a defence win percentage of 60% you get 900 points for that day. Not 900 points per win. So over 5 days, there is a max of 4500 points available on the defence.


([Primer] How come the leaders in the tournament have so many more points than me? or tournament seeding, time zones, and Elo rating deflation)

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This is a great guide too:


Thanks for that, completely missed that it was daily.

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