Do you give your battles/heroes backstories?

I have started to do a bit of roleplaying to add some spice (out of the gutter, please) to my gameplay. Mine is probably pretty weird though. My 5 heroes are each system modules that together make up a spaceship. E.g. my flagship:

C Rig: Removes foreign viruses affecting computer systems, repairs other modules in the ship, and boosts weapon damage
Grazul: Repairs other modules and jams attempts to inflitrate with a foreign virus
Noor: Creates a potent overshield that also sends out a signal that has a chance of bringing down an enemy ship’s overshields over time
Gefjon: Primary weapon that fires a powerful ion blast that passes through overshields and redirects the overshield to its own systems
Lady Loki: Secondary weapon that re-directs foreign viruses back to their origin. Can be alternated with G Falcon which sends out a pulse that weakens the shield to further energy attacks on the same frequency

There are also standard blasters that continually fire that are modulated to inflict the most damage on enemy ships with green frequency shields (red 4-stack vs green tank).

Each ship in my fleet has a different mission, the flagship specifically hunts out enemy flagships with overshield generators. I have other ships that are faster and with a larger arsenal but they also don’t have as many defensive systems.

Perhaps lockdown has finally gotten to me… :crazy_face:




Not quite sure where I or most E&Pers fit in…


All of my heroes live on or near my base. Whether it’s in a house, or a room in the stronghold or watchtower.

None of them work the mines, farms, or forges; that’s peasant work for all the random wandering villagers to take care of.

Several of them regularly frequent the Hunter’s Lodge though, especially Kiril (frequent Customer of the Month). Costumed Boldtusk works there as head chef, and cooks up some world renowned titan steaks.

Friar Tuck rarely ventures outside of the stronghold, as stairs are hard. He does most of the cooking (and eating) for the stronghold’s dining room.

Costumed Rigard is quite the popular figure at most of the castle parties. Will not go into any further detail as he is known for taking part in a lot of NSFW debauchery.

Richard holds the title of Lord, though he likes to play the part of king. Everyone likes him though, as he’s generally a nice guy.

Lianna can oftentimes be found sniping the heads off of target dummies in any of the town’s training camps.

Recently obtained Proteus. Offered him a fine room in one of the houses or the castle, but he seems to prefer residing in the damp, dark underbelly of the town’s sewer system, where Isshtak and Kashhrek reside. The local residents fear them and stay clear of their dwellings, as they claim to have personally witnessed them all swallowing sewer rats whole. And keep in mind, these are not small rats; they are rodents of unusual size.

Miki actually prefers living outside of the castle walls, in the snow capped mountains. He regularly comes into town dragging a bag full of titan parts to the lodge and trading them for supplies before venturing back to his off-screen domicile.


I try to spread the hits around to all my heroes when farming so that I don’t offend any of them. Don’t want them refusing to team up later.

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Aife and Derric want to be Kadilen and Elkanen when grow up.

Sabina and Cyprian cry when they see gnomes kissing:

Jahangir went to a hair growth treatment, become Colen and then Azlar.


If this is not signal for taking a break to the game, i don’t really know what it is.


I play most games this way, though. Always have.

When I was a kid playing original Super Mario Brothers on my NES, I pretended that I was Mario, and I was literally trying to save the princess myself. The goal being that after I saved her, she would be my girlfriend and hold my hand on the playground.

When I play a war game, I am a super soldier (or general) trying to save my country / planet / whatever from really bad people / aliens / monsters that are trying to wreck our otherwise peaceful lives.

When I play a car racing game, I am a master world-renowned race car driver who has earned millions of dollars, owns a garage full of exotic supercars, and has made a mixed (beloved by some, hated by others) rogue reputation for himself on the racecourse for his ridiculously overmodified cars and his brash and aggressive driving style. :sunglasses:


What a great idea, thank you for sharing! I’ll start doing that :slightly_smiling_face:

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