Discussion: Changes to Event Schedule (March 2021 onwards)

Starting a thread to discuss the changes to the event schedule for March 2021 onwards.

E&P Calendar Mar 2021

Ruskin’s early thoughts:

  • Moving to every four weeks gives us events more often, which I consider a win, but many do not want more jam packed into the month. There is not much “no event” time.
  • The condensed schedule probably means more money for SG, unless players stick to a monthly budget well.
  • This will lead to some confusion about what event happens when so the calendar makers will be very helpful.
  • Thank you to SG for posting a calendar of events!
  • I’m not sure what to think of the order yet. Seeing that challenge events, Mythic Titan, and TOL/Ninja Tower will all happen without AR or VF in the middle makes me wonder about how people will build up and budget items to use in the events.
  • I feel like TOL and Costume Chamber should have the same time “limit”. Seems like we could make both 3 days.
  • Perhaps I should have said this sooner, but I’m taking this as Season 4 is launching in March!
  • The four week schedule will create some interesting months for some events. It will be possible to have say 2 Atlantis portals in one month. That could impact who summons for what. Also will impact everyone that has monthly tracking of future featured heroes.

How do y’all like the change?

Do you like the change?
  • Love it
  • Like it
  • Neutral
  • Not really
  • Hate it
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Season 4 coming too fast… we haven’t finished avatars for season 3… we don’t need a bunch of new overpowered 5* heroes… i don’t know what to say


My immediate reaction was a loud comment “èsticazzi”, which i will not translate in english.


The changes are interesting, but those who purchase deals, will have to adjust to the new event schedule. It’ll take a bit to get used to, but i welcome the change. Shame that Valhalla got reduced to 48 hrs, but will be interesting how S4 will be. Though for S4, i feel like it’s being rushed into the game too early. I would’ve given it till at least April or May


Well… I appreciate them confirming the start date for S4.

I had planned to do a 10-pull in December. No new costumes meant I delayed it. And delayed it again, after poor luck using saved costume keys in January.

I just want to get my 10-pull over with, but I’m delaying it again for S4! :rofl:

March calendar looks ok. It doesn’t include Springvale… I really like that they have moved Ninja Tower to the start of the month!


Easter is in April this year, so Springvale will most likely be next month


Basically I guess it‘s mostly a process of getting used to it. Might feel strange to not have Atlantis Rising as start and Walhalla as an ending point of a gaming month, but with some time gone it will just feel like it was that way always.

Agree on the „not mich time without events“ though, in especially considering there‘ll be loads of days with two or three things going on (event, seasonal event, rare quest e.g.). Looks quite time consuming indeed…

What I still miss is an updated sequence of the recurring quests (Wonderland, Guardians, Pirates etc.) With the League of Villains and that Circus Theme later in the year I guess there‘ll be more to come until each one is due only once a year. With the costumes for event heroes established only in the Easter season my personal favourite Wonderland is „quite uninteresting“ in March. Definetely not going for Jabberwocky without costume in some weeks to try and get him with costume half a year later…

Like the idea of Season IV starting so soon though even if it feels like there‘s a mass of new heroew introduced in 2021…


Will there still be Valhalla Forever in February? I saved lots of Valhalla tokens for a chance on Uraeus…


Good you still have it saved and it will probably be more valuable in S4. But I also had terrible pulls from 11 costume keys pulls, did the 10-pull and got Marjana-c and Kadi-c. No need to lie on the key pulls in order to use the gems😉.

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Hey, that’s an amazing question there! Valhalla was my last hope of getting Uraeus.

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The first Valhalla Forever should be starting this Thursday


Too soon, too busy

The schedule is overloaded


Me too. But why shouldn‘t it - still in the calendar :+1:

@mperorL @Nananayehehegoodbye

Yes vallaha forever will be starting this month


Wow, congrats on C-Marj and C-Kad!

I much prefer to use costume keys only for Costume Chamber. With S4 now confirmed, I can wait one more month to use my gems. :rofl:

Still waiting for the implementation of this:


This schedule is quite overwhelming to be frank… it is event after event after event now… :joy: I prob need to speed up and finish s2 hard and s3.



Nice of you to immediately come up with this kind of thread. How moderatoresque of you. Just a suggestion to the original post: copy and paste the SG calendar for March so that we see the entire new schedule without having to change threads. Thanks.

As for me, Season 4 is waaaaaaayyyy to early. I don’t mindel accomplishing the S3 Avatar missions during Valhalla Forever.


Until we have a diffrent portal each day


Wonder how Springvale will be incorporated into the events calendar as the plan I believe is to prevent/avoid overlapping events… :thinking:


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