Discussion: Changes to Event Schedule (March 2021 onwards)


Ive played this game for close to 3 years now and now find im losing interest in events and tournaments as they always finish in the middle of the night for Europe. The game claims to be international, however always finishing at same time is only catering for a single time zone

Why cant we have a rotating finish time which varies say 6 hrs each event. That way it is fairer for all players across the world timezones. As everyone will get a chance to compete in some of the events till the end


Great idea to put the schedule in the post. I made that update. I think @Dudeious.Maximus tried to do that at the same time so I deleted his because I only noticed it after I made the update.

I was actually super self conscious about posting this acting like a mod. I looked up a lot of previous discussion posts to make sure I wasn’t overreaching. Petri normally posts within 2 minutes saying there is discussion thread and Guv normally has his fantastic well put together post within a half hour of the announcement. I refreshed new latest topics several times making sure someone else did not post it. When I didn’t see anything I went for it.

I can see I clearly messed up the poll not showing votes as public, but can’t change it now without resetting the poll.


The schedule is getting tight. I liked the monthly schedule, the 4-week one is going to be harder to track.
Also, they announced a VF that wouldn’t give more loot be would at least remain for 4 days, now that’s gone down the drain too :roll_eyes: and what of the gnomes (dropping much stuff and some coins,20 a day, max 80, stackable)? Are we getting 50 now instead of 80 max?.. :unamused:


I personally like it. It was difficult to keep track of ‘2nd Monday of month vs 4th Thursday of month’ etc. Now it gets more clear, and less down time which for me personally is good thing - I like when stuff happens, those weeks without anything felt really boring.

The order seems to be from the least interesting summons early in month (old HotMs, Atlantis) to most exciting summons later in month (new Challenge events, new Season). Nothing that would bother me personally, unless we return to seeing useful HotMs again that feel like ‘must haves’. Currently I am fine skipping summons early in the month and focus later on if there’s anything useful for me to hunt for. And if HotM doesn’t appear in those last days of month, no tragedy - they are all trash anyway. Besides, as stated in the OP, there may be some months where the schedule moves weirdly and one event happens twice during the same month. I don’t mind that personally, can even help (it will be easier for event to happen partially one month, partially the other month - so you can focus your summons depending on HotM preference).

I guess Tavern is waaay too long because it rotates with Ninja Tower so they have to dedicate same amount of time to both. Feels like a waste of space there, perhaps time to rework ToL to include 50 stages as well? :smiley:

Season 4 starting in March… Wow, surprising I have to say. A bit worrying that beside the heroes, no bit of it was in beta yet. I expected May-June. I hope quality will come with this rush. I have to say as much as I liked Valhalla heroes, artworks and story, the gameplay was superdull. Using another campaign only as an excuse to sell new heroes will definitely not make me love this game more. And the fact no new mechanic was tested in beta is quite a sign there will be no new mechanic…


Keep the poll don’t really matter. People should vote for what think not what everyone is doing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I went unsure.
I’d rather costume chamber be before atlantis as then frees up the Wednesday for trails as now gonna have to use WE in that as they shortened atlaints in the first place so it wouldn’t overlap.
I haven’t heard any diffrent that trials are to be moved not been mentioned.

Think season 4 is a bit quick I’d rather it come out after bunnies is finished.


I think that Atlantis Rising and Valhalla Forever are too close to one another. Since these two events are very similar I would space them two weeks from one another. Furthermore, such spacing would make WE flasks usage more convenient.


I think that season 4 will be added too fast. I expected it on June maybe July. Still havent finished all avatar missions…

I don’t understand the purpose for TOL running in the weekends where it’s 10 stages people can play and then having AR on weekdays where players need time to farm.

But like everything else… Even if it dosen’t makes sense it will not be changed…


The schedule is too crowded! We keep saying that, nobody from @Staff_SGG bats an eye. How many times do we have to say that in order to play the game in all aspects, we have to give up sleep (or another sarcastic suggestion - work)?

Apart from too crowded schedule, another incredibly bad decision is introducing S4 so early in the game, just a month after final provinces in S3. Some have’t even completed S3 yet. Give players chance to enjoy the game @KiraSG @Petri ! Stop thinking only about money! Have you not learned your lesson yet, @Staff_SGG ? After so many bad decisions in 2020 and hundreds of players leaving the game?


I like that I don’t have to play so intensively every weekend so I hope Tavern will stay as it is.

so much, so packed, so fast, it’s starting to feel like a job :joy:


I finished season 2 long time ago and I’m almost there with season 3 so I’ll have some time to take a deep breath if I feel overwhelmed. I sympathise with those who are still in the beginning of season 2 and 3 though. I fear that season 4 coming so soon will bring mostly exhaustion for low level players.
I was rather hoping to see new season somewhere around late spring or even summer.


Personally I think this schedule is a mistake. First you cut Atlantis Rising down by a day, now you’re moving it to start (all times US) in the middle of the night on a Monday to end on Wednesday afternoon… Really cutting in to the farming time people have for AR, lot’s of us have to work Monday through Friday. SG you’re losing my money on that one, I won’t have time to use all my WE in AR like I have been, so I won’t need to buy a bunch anymore.

Second… You have all the old event heroes at the beginning of the month… For those that are paid monthly like me, my paid pulls are mostly in the beginning of the month when I have money because if I don’t pull then… I end up using my money for something else… Guess I should be thanking you SG for helping not spend on this game… So I take back my original statement saying this schedule is a mistake and say it’s not bad, because you’re going to save me lots of money… Thank you


I feel the same! But haven’t received any salary yet :frowning:


Im ok with the re-scheduled calendar. Seeing it through the point of view of someone who is commited 100% and really enjoy the game is a big win(even for f2p if they keep the free chances of pulling) .

Now, regarding S4 coming in March. I dont know i may be really the slow guy but im there still in province 20 (hard mode) so i have weeks to finish it before new season hits the door. It makes me feel uncomfortable, rushed. At least the early arrival of s4 was absolutely unexpected

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I might guess it’s closer to “most” players haven’t completed S3 yet. We have less than 10 in my alliance who’ve finished normal mode, 2 or 3 on hard. Several of us are still trying to finish S2, and do you know what holds us up? A goddamn perpetual event schedule that sucks flags and playtime into every part of the game except map progression.


Things I would change:

  • Atlantis Rising to 3 full days
  • Costume Chamber to 3 full days
  • Valhalla Forever to 3 full days

So based on the calendar for March, ninjas is not starting on March 31st and is a 5 day event. Will it always have a day overlap with Atlantis rises?

I agree and TOL can be easily shorten to 2,5 days as it’s only 10 stages. No need for IT being sooo long. Unless there is change and it will be extended to at least 20 stages.


No indication of PoV 8 ?? :thinking:

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