Did mystic vision moved form 8 hr to 4 hrs?

It was transparent from the beginning. Whoever thinks that anybody creates a game that big and doesn’t at least hope to make money out of it is really sweet.

I would argue, that everything is created so. This is probably one of the most obvious changes, but I would say every QoL improvement is in the end created to increase the income of Sg. More satisfied customers trend to spend more money. Every improvement even those who don’t generate money directly like this are made to make you stay longer with the game and make you more likely to spend money.

So complaining that Sg makes more money is just ridiculous, it’s the reason why they exist, to make money not to make anybody happy. So instead being happy that the company makes more money which will make it more likely, that they will stay around a little bit longer to support the game, and it’s not our money they get but that of some other company.
With this “improvement” the players loose nothing, you can watch mystic vision the same like always, every 8h and get the same loot, you can watch it now every 4h and get more loot, or you can boycott it completely because Sg doesn’t deserve a single cent from anybody.Watching ads is an optional feature every few hours, not like many other online games where you are literally forced to watch them every few minutes.

For most it’s just a win - win situation at the moment , the players get more loot and Sg more money.
So just be happy for now and wait for July 12th what it will look finally, if they decide than, that the loot will get reduced people can start complaining, I will probably be one of them. It will most likely not change anything, but at least than I can understand the complaints…


I haven’t seen any announcement. But I noticed today that the timer set on the Mystic Vision now is every 4 hours when its previous iteration is every 8 hours. Prior to that, it was every 16 hours prior to 2 years ago.

Good? Bad? Leave your comments.


Um… See here



Changed to every 4 hours is good move because players has more chance to get resources by playing ads. But the point is most of the time players are get poor rewards like 1 arrow + 1 gem, which is like give alm to beggar IMHO.

SGG wants to boost profit by let’s players play more ads but they should do something to encourage players to do that for win-win, improve poorest rewards can help a lot.


It’s just more free loot for a few seconds “watching”. So personally I don’t mind.
But I appreciate some players will get frustrated with it - my advice if you fall into that category just don’t watch Mystic Vision - give it a complete pass


I have no issue with the model,there are some games that force you to watch an ad every time you play a level and you dont get anything for it. I far prefer this where watching an ad gets you free stuff. If you feel the freebies aren’t worth 30 seconds of you’re time it’s simple dont click on the ad.


That didn’t happen. It was 16 hrs to 8 hrs.

In that thread, per Mystic Vision, the loot war nerfed but overall gain was more. In the current time adjustment, SG staff said there were no nerf of the loot rewards from MV.

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Result of watching MV 3 times after change
1: 1 minor mana, 1 gem, 20 monk emblems
2: 2 gems, 2* yellow trainer hero, 1 summon token, 1 wizard emblem
3: 1 minor healing, 2 gems, 2 druid emblems

personally the rewards are better than before.


I am ready watch MV every 5 minutes. “Welcome” for any free source of resources w/o crazy prices and madness grinding (w/o odds reducing)


I was going to ask if anyone remembered this

My mistake. It was from 16h to 8h…about loot i think story is the same—-—“ Because the cooldown is shorter, the rewards for an individual Mystic Vision have been lowered. However, if you do watch all video ads, the rewards will be slightly higher in total.”——

I wonder what would SG need to do so there is not a single complainer about it on the forums :thinking: I feel some people have just a built-in nagger mode that will find fault and conspiracy in literally everything.

SG found a way to get extra dollars from free to plays (which are still probably the biggest group of players - which means they cost the most but bring the worst revenues), players have chance to get extra rolls for loot that requires almost no effort. Those who don’t like it aren’t forced to do anything, just ignore the mystic vision ad and activate it whenever you feel you are ready for the experience. I don’t know, I see literally only good sides of it to all.

And yea, MV rewards aren’t really 4 star mats every other day. But that’s nothing new.


Or 0.5 gems LOL … Greedy SG! Let’s make one of the devs play this game so they understand how greedy the game has become:)

Yep. 8 hours ago:

Anybody’s Mystic Vision not work? Mine hasn’t been working for a while. Almost 2 weeks. It just says add not available.

When you see that error, try restarting the app. Works this way for me.

Pretty annoying but I got used to it. Started happening around a year ago…

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I’m loving this!

Twice the mystic visions, twice the disappointment!

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Disappointment? No! I used to get 3 gems and 3 1* battle items in 24 hours. Now I get - well, not quite twice as many, as I wantonly persist in sleeping for at least 6 hours a night, but at least 50% more of each. Is “amazing” the word I’m looking for?

To be fair though, more loot is always better than less, even if it’s kinda naff.

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Sleep is for the weak!

I survive in a 4 hour cycle now. Mystic visions have supplanted my reality with one where we can farm on an island or play weird solitaire on a cruise…


Hey, I’m not as young as I was, and I do a fairly physical full-time job.

I tell you what is disappointing: downloading one of those fascinating looking games and starting to play it. Then you find out that it is a rare advert indeed that bears much relation to the game it’s supposed to be previewing.

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