Did mystic vision moved form 8 hr to 4 hrs?

It is just me or Mystic vision moved form 8 hr to 4 hrs, did I missed an announcement

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Yes it did. There was an announcement. It’s in beta testing from today to sometime in July. Enjoy the extra free stuff

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Small giant running out of money??? :joy::joy:


I’m loving this, hopefully it will last.

I’d prefer having more ads in game and better experience, more QoLs and everything than no ads and paying for everything …


“Drop rates isn’t reduced…”

I’m wondering how could they reduce one minor mana/healing potion (arrow) and one gem which is most common reward for me since believe me or not I haven’t seen 4* item in MV in last six month.


Someone out there will complain about this I am sure…

“How dare SG force me to watch extra videos for more stuff! This is disgusting and barbaric!”


lol, soo true

SG is forcing me to watch more adds!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

i don’t mind it at all. more loot

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I’m all about the freebies. Good choice SGG, hopefully you get enough revenue from the extra clicks to improve odds for us players. :wink:


This is about one thing: more money for SG. We just benefit as a side note. Wait until the loot gets reduced in the near future: more work for us for the same loot as before and double the money into SGs pocket. Seriously. Just wait.


And here it is folks…only a matter of time.


Now I’m sure they didn’t change anything about MV rewards and everything is as it was before…


I think the rewards are the same in 24h period,but now we have to watch 6 time adds to gain them​:triumph::triumph:…just like it was from 12h to 8h…

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Hope it will stay.

Easy, just turn 1 minor potion + 1 gem into just 1 gem or just 1 minor potion.

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You are underestimating the art of loot reduction… By reducing loots down to getting “parts” of a whole. There is still room for that to happen, just wait and see.

Evil one - Reduce Mats and Gems into parts so that each time you get a loot drop, you get parts of a whole, and you have to collect say 5 parts to equal a 3* mat, and 10 parts to equal a 4* mat.

Even more evil than the first one - Loots are in parts, and you would have to say get 5 specific parts to combine / craft into one and they are not interchangeable, means you can’t use the ingredients for a Warm Cape for a Sturdy Shield. So you might end up with tons of other ingredients but just short of one to make a whole Warm Cape.

I play a game that once dropped mats as a whole, developers thought it was too generous and started dropping loots in parts that we had to piece together as a whole. Guess how well that got received?


i would flag your post if doing that wasn’t bringing more attention for the devil :wink: :wink:
edit: trying to respond Shohoku


LOL, the day that happens is when this game has reached the end of its life.


It’s really impressive how they can do something that’s simply an improvement like this and yet people will immediately complain about it.

And you wonder why the devs don’t engage more on the forums.


Their quest for more revenue is pretty much transparent by now. This QoL initiative is in beta only because it gets SG more revenue. If there is no incremental revenue growth, this would not be in beta.

So yeah, more freebies but it was planned with their interests in mind. Not the players.

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