Did mystic vision moved form 8 hr to 4 hrs?

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Haven’t received 4* mat from titans for months now, MV gave me rings for free :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’m all for making 4h window permanent.


Not sure if any one had this issue, but I have noticed that there will be times when I would watch an ad, and click on the x after done, it returns to the base, but it somehow does not register that you have watched the ad, and the building will display no ads available, and try again later. About 5 to 10 seconds later, the mv is available again. So I watch the ad a second time, then the game registers that I watched the ad, gave loot, and cool down timer starts again.

So this seemed like I have to watch ad twice, I noticed it doesn’t really happens when the cool down was 16 hours, a bit more frequent when it was 8 hours, and happens more frequently during this 4 hour cool down change.

Yes, I’ve experienced this as well. Also the game crashes more often when I try to watch MV.

And just as a follow up to my earlier observation here.
In one of my afternoon MV viewing

  1. Viewed, hit x, game didn’t register the view… “no ads available, try again later”
  2. Second viewing, triggered the Google Game Center by accident (I have a timer set on my phone to automatically lock after a period of inactivity, the older ads used to only have one area (like a download button) that only tapped will trigger the download app, now any part of the screen is fair game). Any way, if I tap back on my phone, it usually takes me back to the game and I hit x to end. But this time, Game Center app crashed. Viewing didn’t get registered again… “no ads available, try again later”
  3. Completely closed out the game, returned, viewed another ad… “no ads available, try again later”
  4. I figured, you know what, I am just going to restart my device, so I did, went to make coffee, came back, logged into game, and viewed the MV for the fourth time… Registered and I collected my 1 Minor Healing Potion and 1 Gem.

Now, I guess each one of these viewings count as ad revenue for SGG/Zynga, as as if website displayed them in their rotations, but whether people actually clicked on them may not matter, still count as a hit. So was that 4 hits of revenue generated or 1 hit for SGG, and would any of those previous 3 attempts have yielded something more exciting than this already jaw dropping awesome loot of 1 minor healing potion and 1 gem? Who knows?

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