Diamond Worthy Defense?

Hello all,

I’m trying to create a diamond worthy defense to stay in the raid tier and would love some advice.

Long time lurker, first time poster. I’ve been playing E&P for about 7 months, am a C2P, and almost have and/or have ascension mats for 5* heroes, of which I have a rainbow of… questionable quality. My cup rankings average around 2200, give or take luck, so I’m high plat at this time and usually raid 3/2 stack with modest success. I’m part of a casual alliance that fights an average of 5* Titans, so ascension mats are relatively rare, and I occasionally make a single 10 pull + spares on events/Atlantis and hope to get lucky. I have at least one TC running legendary nonstop and occasionally tag in two or a third if I’m running low on recruits/ham to rebuild my stock. I can complete legendary tier events, rare quests, and class quests, though the latter usually requires carpet bombing, but not sure if they can take v20 class final level as I haven’t tried that yet.

Of my 5* heroes, I have Quintus (2nd tier), Justice (3rd tier), Richard (already at 4th ascension), Ares (3/70), and Elkanen (3/70). The remainder of my 5* heroes are Red Hood (3/70), Queen of Hearts (1/1), Captain Kestrel (2/60), and Kadilen (1/1).

My 4* ascension mats are 5 tabards, 6 darts, 3 tonics, 4 rings, and 0 scopes (because Richard ate them). I have enough blades/tomes to bring up a full rainbow team.

Of my 4* heroes with class tokens, I have Rigard (+7), Merlin (+6), Sabina (+5) for purple; Chao (+7) for yellow (due to my other rangers being Hood and a Triton that’s in line for cloaks); Grimm (+6) for blue; Caedmon (+7) for green; and Boldtusk (+7) and Wilbur (+4) for red. I also have a small pile of Rogue and Paladin tokens but don’t have anyone to give them to yet. I have other unclassed, maxed 4* heroes but don’t think they’re able to hold a diamond-arena line reliably, but to list them, they’re: Cyprian, Hu Tao, Kiril, and Melendor. Of my 3/60 or lower 4* I have Ameonna, Triton, Sonya, Boril, Kashhrek, Gadeirus, Kelile, Sumitomo, and Gormek.

So I’m thinking, based on what I have and once leveled obviously, my defense would be: Quintus, Richard, Ares, Kadilen, Justice in that order. I’m debating whether Justice/Quintus should be flanking Ares or putting them on the wings would be more ideal. I’m leaning toward waiting, given I have plenty of opportunities to pull great heroes, but I also remember the old adage: use what you have not what you wish for, and given my insane luck on Ares/Hood/Queen, I think I used up my E&P luck for the next year or so, lol…

Of the heroes I have, do you, dear reader, think they are worthy to hold a diamond level defense or should I wait for alternates and save the ascension mats?

It’ll definitely keep you in diamond if they’re all maxed but considering the time and resources it costs to max out 5* heroes, for your first rainbow 5* team you might not want to spend all your 4* mats on multiple slow heroes.

That’s what I was thinking. Quintus and Justice especially are questionable outside of raid defense and Elk/Kadilen are… not the best. I think Ares is a no-brainer to get my first set of rings, and I maxed Richard partly due to sleep deprivation and because he works so amazingly with a Kiril > Grimm > Richard combo on offense.

I’m leaning toward maxing out Kadilen though, because she’s the best non-Lianna classic green, and I recognize my odds of pulling something fantastic like Tarlak, Zeline, or Alberich are next to zero, but since I’m furthest away from tonics, I think I can afford to wait. It’s not like I have much choice in the matter.

I would do Elk long before I would do Kadilen.

Truly? Elk’s reputation on the forums amounts to “Well, at least he’s not Thorne…”

Of course v20 did just roll out recently. :man_shrugging:

Nahhhh the self heal isn’t very good and hits like a pillow. Atleast kadilen gives +defense to special skills

Elk on defense will at least do some decent damage and self heal, making himself an annoyance. For Kadilen, the game has evolved to way more buffs than back in the day, so everyone has dispellers at the ready. So I rarely find her special to matter.

Either will be the flanker to Ares, so healing isn’t as critical assuming Ares doesn’t get piledrivered by a blue stack. If Kadilen fires while Ares is still up, that seems like a massive annoyance to me.

Also she’s better at yeti farming. Hooray? :rofl:

I personally wouldn’t worry about a diamond worthy defense and would focus more on team building for titans, events and raids/war attacks. The defense will form itself over time so long as you’re building up solid heroes that work in multiple facets of the game.


With a good team, Kad is a beast on offence. She did 800+ damage on multiple enemies earlier.

Needing other heroes to be good makes me very nervous when facing top defenses because very often you lose a hero or two early.

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True. I sit in low diamond, youre top 100.
The payout on how i run is a gamble. Wu is always a gamble, and I need the def down ready at the same time. But oh boy is it glorious when it plays out right.
This is the team i used btw.

I always put my healers in the corner so they’re less likely to get hit by a 3-hitter

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The enemy team had 3 healers, 1 sniper, 1 AOE. 2 diamonds in the first 3 moves Green and yellow. Its over. Luck i guess.

My standard advice to my alliance teammates is to wait until you have ten 4* particular mats (tonics, rings, Tabards, etc) before ascending an iffy 5*. That way if you get a desirable one after you have elevated the iffy one, then you aren’t waiting forever to ascend the good one to 4-80.

What you need is to move up to a more appropriate alliance for your level if you aren’t otherwise tied to your current group. Getting up to tier 8-9-10+ tier loot will get you more mats. Being in a higher alliance will also keep you in closer contact with more knowledgeable players.

We have 3 openings in my alliance Phoenix Risen right now. We are on 9* titans. Love to have you if interested.

Alright. Thanks for the advice, everyone. Quintus and Justice will just have to wait until/unless I get 10 tabs/darts and nothing better walks in, Ares will get the rings once I get enough, then who knows with the tonics since I’m only halfway there.

Why not give rings to QoH? Ares is amazing, but he’s becoming a has been hero. His buff is easily dispelled. @Razor has done a lot of research into top 100 defense teams and you should check out his website. Www.titanmafia.com

For your others, I’d hold out for a while.

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I have the first world problem of which amazing red 5* should be so lucky as to get the first set of rings. Would that more people had that quandry, the world might not be such a bad place. But I digress.

I guess Ares instead of QoH mostly because the forums largely gush about how great he is due to him being an older hero (and thus having more time to build up that reputation) and QoH being largely untested as far as I could tell. Ares is much more versatile as a healer, damage buffer, and tank in one that can go on raids, against Titans, cavorting around the map, and dragged along on quests. I was impressed that, even when I was fighting mid-plat with him at 2/60 & 6/8, he seemed unusually difficult to take down, all things considered. I had toyed with the idea of ascending Red Hood first, but my top alliance mates both said Ares was more problematic to deal with, but I didn’t have QoH at the time either nor knew that she was upcoming.

I have no experience with QoH, but from what I’ve heard, she’s a decent striker in offensive raids and… that seems kind of it.

I mean if anyone has any solid argument for why QoH should get the rings, I’d be more than happy to hear it, but it seems like I should be insane to consider anyone but Ares for the first set.

Ares is not horrible. I will say, he’s probably a more versatile hero to have than QoH. I have him and I’m about to take him to 3/70 because i need him stronger for titans. I had many Reds to choose from but went with Zim first for her versatility!

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Ares might not be a top tank anymore but his usefulness in titans and PVP makes him still very relevant. Not saying QoH doesn’t have her uses there but I’d bring Ares over her to titans anyday.