Diamond Worthy Defense?

I did Ares for my first red 5 star and use him for just about everything…Tank Titans Raids just insert two heroes of the strong color against the tank or Titan next to him. And he goes great with Wilbur too they go off at the same time and have great synergy. Qoh I don’t have but seems like much more simply defense. I know his buff still is great at 3 70, but he really gets tanky at 4 80. Anyways just my two cents!

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I went in an updated my documentation specifically (though it was needed) to address the ‘grades’ of some of the older HOTM, whose grades indicate A+ and A when in today’s terms lets just say that isn’t fitting. Disclaimer is in and overdue - Thanks Starry - will nab you on LINE, forgot, been a long day already of multi-tasking. RaZ @Starryeyedgryph And I’ve run Ares full since however long it tookme to take him full since he was HOTM I think #3 of the 1st set of 5, just fyi.


Forget a rainbow defense, it’s not necessary to be in Diamond.

Richard is your best tank option as you don’t have Justice maxed. I’d focus on getting QoH to 3.70 ASAP after you max Richard. Ares is not a diamond tank, he’s a flank at best, possibly an offensive only hero now.

Elk can do just fine in a corner spot and Kadilen is garbage. Hood is awesomesauce at flank and her minions can be a real biatch on defense.

I’d recommend Rigard, Hood, Richard, QoH, Elk until you get Justice maxed then I’d consider Justice in the middle dropping Rigard and have Richard on the flank and Hood in the corner.

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That does sound like a more solid defense. That’s a lot of rings though…

Edit: also isn’t Justice not exactly ideal in the anti-Guinevere meta? Not that I’m aiming for top 100 or anything, but still.

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Justice is better than most tanks out there. It’s true that people are building teams to defeat Guin but Justice hits you with a blind that can mess up your plans and buy your defense valuable turns. Guin effectively cuts mana and you don’t need a cleanser for that. The other benefit of a dark or yellow tank is it’s neutral tile damage if the rest of your heroes are RGB.

Point to consider as well is that Panther is now the rarest elemental defense down attacker making Yellow tanks all that more staunch than the other colours.


I think @Snowdoggydogg and @Starryeyedgryph do raise a valid point, having thought it over: Ares, while far from the worst choice for the first set of rings, doesn’t really benefit much but his own beefiness in the final tier. His main benefit, being his special, is already helping me as far as it can, and all I really improve at this point is his survivability (which is legendary) and his tile damage (which… isn’t really something one should write home about).

Comparatively, Hood and QoH gain so much more because their specials are % dependent on the caster.

It did reorient my thinking to get Queen to 3/70 and then make a call on which I personally use the most. While I use Ares a ton, I wouldn’t gain much, and, well, I just don’t use Hood a lot outside of ranger class quests and as mid/late war picks as a… “healer”… and yeti farmer. So QoH might be the best choice at the end of the day after all. At least given my bench right now.

I’m still not sold on Justice getting the first set of darts though, given I’ve already committed to Richard, and almost literally any other yellow 5* would be more versatile, even Leonidas. I think @FunkyknightHay has the best advice in that regard for me to wait until I get 10 darts then see if it’s worth pulling the trigger.

Thanks again, all. Whelp, back to the grindstone.


Also @FunkyknightHay, while I’m pretty sure I’ve outgrown my alliance, I remember from my old World of Warcraft days what it takes to get to the upper tier and decided I didn’t want to do that. Also I have real-life friends in my alliance and the power of a co-leader, so I’d be giving those up which isn’t worth it to me at this time. Thanks for the offer, though, and thanks for the advice! I think it’s quite sound.

You’re welcome and understood. If you change your mind, we’re just a laid back group of middle aged adults. No aspirations to be upper tier just to be respectable at the upper end of mid-tier.