Devana, costume rana or costume vivica?

Hi! I used to be lacking yellows but as mad as this game goes sometimes, now I have several. The ascended ones are: joon, ureus and faline. I usually use jackal, mist and gullinbursti or lady woolerton in my monoyellow.

Which one would you ascend? I’ve read that costume vivica is also great against titans, but devana is a faster yellow dispeller. For the minion meta I already have Skadi. I haven’t found great reviews about rana but I like her, she is my only water damage heroe and cleanses three.

I would go with Devana first, then costumed Rans. With Gully and the sheep there is no need for Vivica.
If you have emblems for Rana but not for Devana you can do Rana first…

My yellow mono team is: Lady Wool., Leonidas+14, Rana4/14, Uraeus+19, c.Joon+9
It works very well despite Rana is not fully ascended yet.

Happy gaming

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Do you have 5* healer maxed? What about emblems?

I have cRana. She’s pretty decent, but not amazing. The water dmg is nice with the other aspects of the skill.

cVivica is amazing and I would personally choose her, but that’s because I think she’s one of the most versatile healers in the game and because Devanas damage isn’t really all that high.


cVivica is good against Titans not because of the dispel but because of her defense down. Here’s mine at +20

Yes, she’s slow but she’s really hard to kill especially in Rush formats


My 5* healers are Garnet +19 and Mother North +18, as for the 4* Gullinbursti+19, costume kiril +20, costume boldtusk +20, costume rigard +8, bryanhild +20 and lady woolerton.

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As for the emblems: none for Devana, some for rana and over a thousand for vivica.
Yellow mana troop at 15 currently.

I vote for C-Viv then, due to your emblems availablity. I prefer to max 5* where I can also emblem them immediately.

You could use C-Viv for dark titans, very fast wars and raid tournaments, etc.

Otherwise, I have heard Devana is good, even without emblems. The one thing to note is that she hits first, before her dispell.

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C Viv is a super rare yellow dispeller and defense down ailer…easy choice IMO.

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