Details About the Team Power Change


We realize that changes like this can initially be confusing or even annoying, so I wanted to share a bit of background on why we’re changing the Team Power.

When we first implemented the Team Power, we simply summed up the Hero Powers. This was simple and easy to understand, but we quickly learned that it did not reflect the real team power very accurately. For example, let’s say you have a team of common heroes and you suddenly get your first rare hero. Your team power does increase, but not enough to reflect the fact that your team is now much more powerful. The rest of your team may die, but the rare hero just keeps on going.

To address this, we implemented a formula where the Team Power has a quadratic relationship to the Hero Power. In other words, an increase in the Hero Power causes a bigger increase in the Team Power.

Unfortunately this model started to have problems with ascended Epic and Legendary heroes. When the numbers are big enough, even a very small change in the Hero Power can lead to a big change in the Team Power. Even though the actual difference between the teams of two high level players might be small, the Hero Power made it seem like there was a huge power difference.

The new model tries to accomplish the best of both worlds. Rare, Epic and Legendary heroes all have a higher base Hero Power. This allows us to get the Team Power by summing up the Hero Powers, while still making sure that the Team Power takes the stronger heroes into account.

With these changes, the Team Power for the starting team increases from 230 to 829, and the Team Power of the current top player drops from 5019 to 3722.

As I said, we’re aware that this change may initially cause confusion or annoyance. However, we still think it makes sense to do it, and believe that the new model is the better option in the long term.

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