How much Team Power is needed to finish challenge events?

Ok so i have a rare team with 2278 power and and epic team with 3002 power. Still i think i will not finish pirates of coreliia on mars 2020. Is that normal? I already wasted lot of resources. Why SG dont display some team power needed for every stage of event?

When sg does advertise tp for a stage, it is just a suggestion. People usually beat it with less power than that. Maybe you could tell us what team you are using and people could suggest ways to get through.


Not braggin meant, my suggestions.


No competing, but completing. You need mono teams. And also, try to use the scarce items only when you get good boards.

Very common mistake in the game: look at a team power. I means very little (close to nothing) itself. Say, you can take a team of 5 purple heroes. It will have required team power but will 100% fail because of purple reflection and the fact that purple is weak agains purple bosses.

So, it depends on what heroes exactly you have at your disposal. It is good to have, say 3 yellow and two red or all yellow or all green, depending on what you can use. You need healers for sure.

Ok so i added screenshot witj my teams, any advice will be apreciated.

First! This event refects purple, so every purple tile that hits an enemy damages YOU!

I understand that you have a limited roster, but you need to look very closely at non purple options :slight_smile:


I dont think you can achieve legendary tier with those teams.
Neither epic. You most powerful team has purple that is the color reflected.

Id suggest doing rare tier and try to achieve a good score stacking colors and using some items to enchance the score

In a couple of months you will be ready to achieve epic keep on the good road, its a marathon not a race, take your time


Nice advices guys, thanks all. I think i will give up for this event and try to be strongest on next one. GL.


Next event is Riddles of Wonderland, which reflect Green. So you can have that in mind when leveling up your heroes.

As for the required power level needed for Legendary, it depends more on hero combination. Ppl complete this difficulty with teams as low as 3.200. But it doesnt actually mean you will have an easy time, you may waste a lott of resources and not get it done.
Best thing to do, is read previous events and catch on the information ppl share and do a battle plan if you are a new player. After all, Legendary difficulty is one of the hardest thing this have has to offer and it’s tailored for advance players (as in resources accumulated).

Last point, you do not need mono teams to complete the challenges. You want them for rank placement, otherwise rainbow color (minus reflected color) are more than enough to get them done.


@cold_blood, I only look to complete the challenges and take in strong colours against the bosses / minions. My Level 28 alt account, with only a handful of maxed 3* can only beat rare. This was my team:

I just complete the first few stages on Epic & Legendary, and as a bonus you get free summons tokens too when the event is finished :smile:. GL


With having such a small roster, unfortunately you will need to just concentrate on rare - and keep farming Rare Stage 3 over and over again, to try and get Challenge Coins and summon some new heroes, to help in the future.

In October 2019 the last PoC event, I only had a team ready for Rare tier, and only wanted to complete it.
For this one, I have completed ALL 3 tiers “easily”. On Legendary, my currently ran/placement on the leaderboard is just better than 2500. My point here is, last time with this event, I didn’t imagine for he next one I would do great or well, and my only goal was to finish all 3 tiers, which I have and quite well. So don’t worry that you can’t complete the other 2 yet, you will do in time, most likely for the next one. It may seem like it won’t happen but it definitely will.

It looks like your team has a lot of room to grow before you can complete epic/legendary. Don’t feel bad though, tbh i find pirates the hardest of the events.

Even completing at least one stage in each difficulty will give you the lowest tier placement rewards at the end. It’s not a lot but it is something, and nuking with items is usually enough to get through the first few stages of legendary so it shouldn’t be out of most players’ abilities. Keep at it and level your teams, the 5 month challenge rotation should be plenty of time to get ~3 full 4* rainbows up and then you’ll have no trouble plowing through all difficulties next time pirates comes around. Cheers

We all start somewhere, and you have some good heroes to start with. My first event was Avalon. I couldn’t get past the fifth stage. However, the next time it came around I finished them all.

Right now, check which event is next, in this case Wonderland. Now you know what to work on. No green, so red is your strong color. Start to stockpile battle items now, load up on healing and mana potions, arrows and such. A few each day. Work on your healers for sure, you’ll need them, maybe two per team.

One thing I found out this time around, you CAN bring a hero in the reflected color, as long as they don’t attack. Rigard helped me through this event taking tiny amounts of damage when his tiles would hit the reflect, but nothing unmanageable. His cleanse was worth it.

I’m not a late gamer, I’ve only been here a few months, but if I can do it, you can as well. Do at least one stage of each tier and get a summon token. Just continue to build and get stronger. Kill’em all!

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Rigard can help even on reflection,but only if he is only purple in team.

Great advices , thanks all, GL.

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