Dear Empires and Puzzles

I am writing to you as a dedicated player of your game and someone who enjoys it very much.
First and foremost I thank you for offering such a great game.

But there is one thing I would like from you please. I am a player who has invested quite a bit of cash in the game but I have come to a point to be honest had I not spent so much I would give up on this great game as the pace for advancing is so so slow.
Can you please find a way to make ascension materials more available , maybe with more sales in the shop.
I feel like by the time I get my heroes where I’d like them to be I’ll be 100 years old. And although being a reasonably good spender and gambling for heroes I want , I am starting to think , what’s the point as it will take me forever to make them max capacity.
I hope you read this mail and take it into consideration.

Thank you

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