Rebel Forces looking for Alliance to merge with

Currently there are too many alliances and everybody is fighting over trying to fill in their last few spots or maintaining a fully active roster. With Alliance Wars starting my alliance, Rebel Forces, is looking for another similar alliance to merge with. We have a strong group of 10 who are regulars and provide 75% of our Titan damage. The bottom 15 are upcoming and we are usually working between 7* and 5* depending on the week. We are just under 70,000 in Alliance strength. The group is laid back and requires Titan hits everyday and after any 2 day absence we boot inactive players. We are also family friendly as several members let their kids help with battles. Most of our members are in the US, however we range across all of the US time zones.

Ideally we would keep both alliances and rename both to reflect the larger group. One would maintain the bigger hitters to take down higher level Titans and the other would foster development of newer players.

I myself have a Beta account and would gladly offer to run the development group with my Beta account if I had a couple other members who would help.

If you are tired of constantly grinding to maintain your alliance and want a chance at better loot and a higher rank in Alliance Wars, check us out. We have our own Discord Channel and would be happy to setup a time to chat with a prospective alliance about merger possibilities.


Zayne, You are going to want to talk with BCjoker and Dad, the leaders of ROC (Realms of Chaos). I think they’ll find your idea intriguing.

Thanks @Otto0000. It appears Realms of Chaos already maintains four alliances. This would not be an ideal situation for our alliance to partner with. I appreciate your interest, however I will need to decline the offer.

I think that you’ll find that most successful Alliances do have sister alliances. You don’t have to look far to find examples. In any regard, I wish you good fortune in your search for an alliance with which you may find partnership.

You make a good point. I just think joining a group with so many other alliances already working in tandem might not be the best place for us to start. Maybe some day we will get there.

Rebel Forces is still looking for another Alliamce to merge with. If you are having difficulty filling your ranks off the Alliance Wars and want to chat about a team up give us a shout. We would be happy to explore the possibilities.

I saw this pop up in my queue again. I just wanted to clarify that I’m not in ROC (Realms of Chaos) it is actually a really good friend of mine’s Alliance. The Alliance group I am in is currently full. It stays pretty full because it is really well run.

I recommended ROC to you because it is also well run and they are a really great group of people. You may want to reach out to them. They also are having trouble filling their ranks. One of their groups is in the top 100 and the other three of their alliances are at various stages below that.

If nothing else it is worth a look-see and once the AW is over, you have a few days to send a dignitary to their alliance to check them out and see if it will be a good fit for you or not.

Qual é o procedimento para fazer parte desta aliança? O que tenho que fazer?

Translated from Portugese: “What is the procedure to be part of this alliance? What do I have to do?”

If you are talking about Rebel forces, I would go to the Alliance search bar and put the name in to search for the alliance. Then, once found, I would request to join. If you are talking about Realms of Chaos, I would follow the same procedure, but I recommend that you try joining Realms of Chaos 3 at first.

Translated into Portugese:

Se você está falando sobre forças rebeldes, eu irei para a barra de busca da Aliança e coloquei o nome para procurar a aliança. Então, uma vez encontrado, eu gostaria de se juntar. Se você está falando sobre Realms of Chaos, eu segui o mesmo procedimento, mas eu recomendo que você tente juntar Realms of Chaos 3 no início.

Hello Zayne,

are you guys still considering a merger with another alliance? If so, I will take it up with my alliance (Banda) to see if there’s an interest

@Sorsha something to possibly consider here

Hello ZayneVos,

Lurker is my Co-leader and our alliance name is “Fight for Metal”. We are international but also got many members from North America and our alliance language is English. I am from Germany.
Maybe we can have this kind of partnership?
Just check it out and let us know.

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I will bring this up with my Alliance The Syndicate of Ash as we maintain 14 to 17 members but are having difficulty getting additional members.

I’m not sure if Zayne has been checking here, but I will let him know that there has been some interest. I do know that we are currently looking for about 4 active people to cap. We’re currently hovering at 78-80k Score and doing quite well in the wars.

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Come join tremtran we are currently kicking 8* titans. We are trying to fill two spot. We love to help our teams with tips and where to farm to grow their own team

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