Dark Fire Alliance

:fire: We are seeking active players. 2200 cups required, preferably at least one team 4000 or better.

If you are not quite there, we have sister alliances, Dark Inferno and Dark Nova where you can learn and grow your teams til you’re ready to move up.

Participation in wars and titan is expected, but just give a heads up if life interferes and you need to be away or opt out of wars.

Good group of experienced players, some chatty and some not so much so if you’re the quiet type that’s ok.

English-speaking group, with members all over the world.

Line is encouraged, but not mandatory.

We are on 11* and 12* Titans

Come see if we’re a good fit for you!

If you have questions, please ask here or contact menolas or dwaveknight on the Line app.

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Closed at OP’s request

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