Dark chest season 2

could someone tell me the best levels to farm elemental chests in season 2, and most importantly dark chest.

Fire is S2 3.4, 3.8

Dark: 5-2
Holy: 13-1
Nature: 7-1
Fire: 3-4
Ice: 8-4


I believe for Dark it is 5.2N (or 5.8N) in S2

This is the bible - look along the tabs at the bottom for elemental chest farming


What would be a loot ticket effective level to fill dark chest in season 2?

I really don’t care about WE right now, I just need to fill it as quick as possible using tickets and I don’t have much of those to spare.

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@Dex What is your current WE maximum?

42, but I have 20+ flasks, what I do not have is time and loot tickets so I am looking for as many Dark monsters as I can with the minimum amount of runs.
BTW, thanks for the reply

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@Dex I also should have asked how many loot tickets do you have rn?

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