Ctrl-Alt-Destroy looking for fun active members

Hey guys! If you’re looking for a fun bunch of people to have fun with and kick ■■■ with you should check us out! We have people from all over, with some awesome personalities. We definitely are more adult, changed our language setting so we can swear.

Currently taking out 7* and 8* titans, we can take 9* if we had more active members.

War is not required, but highly encouraged, and if you are opted in we want you to use your flags, even if it’s with small feeders and you end up only getting one point, every point matters.

We understand real life happens, just let us know and your spot is safe!

Currently requiring 1000 trophies but we will lower it for someone who really wants to join. We use Line to communicate, not just about the game but also every day life and memes galore.

Come check us out! Ctrl-Alt-Destroy!

Not looking at the moment, but great alliance name!

All the best

Thanks! If you ever find yourself looking remember us :grin:

We currently have 8 spots open. Looking for players of all levels. Currently requiring 600 trophies, but I can lower it if you need me to. Just let me know here or contact me on Line. Username shortstop505.

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