Crimson Avengers

Crimson Avengers is a new alliance looking for members to join our team. New or veterans welcome. Come check us out. Easy going and having fun.

Were just getting off the ground ourselves. 2 weeks old. If youre interested in merging PM me

I’m game for merging, but would like to keep our name.

Im not sure about trying toask 15 people to transfer… Im open to you being leader if thats what u want. We already have a 5* titan though and a good amount of players. Not sure theyd all make the jump tho and got some really solid players…


Smashing another alliance in war atm and have a 5* rare blue unicorn titan with 300k hp left

Your doing pretty good for a few weeks start up and have some good players. I just like our name. I thank you for the offer.

No worries. Best of luck to you

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