Crew-Sapphires - Looking For Players / Inbound Merger

Hey Everyone, Crew-Sapphires, part of the Crew Family of Alliances, is looking for ~12 new members or an inbound merger. We’re a friendly, fun, and supportive alliance looking to replace outgoing members that are either taking a break, or looking for less/more competitive alliances.

We were chaining 14* titans and winning around 65% of our wars until last week. We’re semi-competitive with semi-casual expectations, e.g. 75k titan minimum and using all six war flags.

We’re open to F2P, C2P, and P2W players, but for us spending on the game is an individual choice, so we don’t force it on others. We have a balanced approach to real life and gaming, yet we’ve done wonderfully well.

Come, let’s talk and see if we’ll be a good mutual fit. Join us at Crew-Sapphires, or Line me at avenger-a-1

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