Crew Knights, 2nd Strongest of the Crew Family is (Waitlisted) for recruiting

Knights is Recrewting:

Must have: 3800 team power

2200+ cups

A willingness to follow simple war rules and use all war and titan flags unless opted out for rl issues. Opt out should be short term.

A Line account

We win 90% or more of our wars and kill 11 and 12* titans.

Willing to discuss a small merger with the right active group. The right person can be slightly weaker than the above stats. The right person is very active in both line and in our Crewmunity and willing to contunually learn and get better at this game.

Line ID: Kaosonboard or Extraordinaryleo for interview.

Knights is recruiting people who are active and like to kill stuff and have fairly stressless fun at a high level of play

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I really support this idea. But it would be nice to move the subcategory a bit up, like placing it directly below the main category title. And make its title a bit bigger?

I think you meant that for my other post which they moved to player guides on you lol


Knights is Recruiting.

We dont care what you are as long as you have doom in your pants.

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We have ONE slot left but can make a few more spaces for a highly active small group.

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Such a beastly squad u got there

Ty Rigs. And we need mooooore beasts :slight_smile:

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We are full but there is still quite a bit of space in the rest of the family. If you had your heart set on knights shoot me a line and I can get you situated with another Crew until space becomes available :slight_smile:


Apparently I am an idiot who is incapable of counting to 30 and this theres still 1 slot open <.<


Hey guys, remember yesterday when @Unicef said we were full prematurely?

Well, turns out we are full now! But don’t let that stop you from reaching out! We have several GREAT Alliances in the Crew family, and you can even waitlist to come to Knights if that’s your top choice!

All we ask is 2200 minimum cups, and a minimum tp of 3800-4000. If you have that, 6 useable war teams, and an ability to communicate, message one of us (Line I’d in op)!*

*Whiny adults need not apply.

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@Unicef @WhenWeCollide
I sent you a msg on Line. Beo sent me to Whisker but I also saw this so I figured I might be able to get into Barons. Beo said that Raiders was being folded into Barons or something. Feel free to reply through Line or Discord Obsidian#8583.



I saw you owe me some ss :slight_smile:

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@Obsidian I actually picked up a slot

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Some spots are bad. Liver spots. Sun spots. Bald spots.

Some spots are good. Hot spots. Hangout spots. Favorite food spots.

Then there are spots that when you find it, you’ll never forget.

Those spots? The Crew family. (Also acceptable are spots starting with “G”).

If you want a spot in the Crew, hit up Kaosonboard or WhenWeCollide on Line, or tag @Rigs and bother him.


I have to finish off a titan with my Alliance but I’d like to join if you want me. I check in regularly and use all my flags. I’ve been living in Diamond arena for a long time, looking to try my hand at stronger titans and harder wars. I’d prefer not to use Line though, not sure if that’s a deal breaker @Rigs


Heya. Heres the thing. Yeah we talk a bit in game but like 90% of the social aspect of crew is line based. You dont HAVE to talk but all our resources and our war strat is in there.

Will let wwc and leo discuss but I think personally it would be beneficial for you, @JAWS_3D to be part of the family chats

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