🎃 Costumed Victor - 5* Dark/ Purple from Return to Morlovia (Halloween)

I’m at a same position as you, pulled two other victors and got 3 of them now. Definitely want to max a second Victor, but is 3 of them worth it?

his dot damage is maxed when you charge him 3 times. and so for me the answer is yes but that might work at 3.70 aswell. so my view is simply yes. if i had 6 of him i would consider all of them for wars. def down -24 at vfast is amazing

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I only have 12 bards though. So it’s going to take some time. And I still have grimble to work on. Damnit, I regret tabarding my dark lord now

Not enough i tried had a level 5 mana troop+7% and +1% from costume. Ghosted 3 tiles and it was short :slight_smile: so you need the 9%


Damn it, but thank you very much for the tryout!

Pulled this guy this morning via token! Well pleased! I still don’t have Vandra’s costume, but now that I have Victor’s and also Francine’s from earlier in the week, I think I’m good with pulling for Halloween event already! :grin: Next up, christmas event!


Great, I pulled a 2nd copy of Victor but now costumed. I will level both w COSTUMES. I can’t wait to use em


Does Victor dot stack with C Victor though? That way we can get defence up allies and defence down enemy at very fast.

Edit: ok I just tested this myself and confirmed they stack, however, original one only hits one target not three like costume, so perhaps it’s not worth it.

Sergei, C. Victor *3, kage. Sounds like a pretty badass VF mono black for offense.
Or simply, Vanda Francine and three C. victors for full family bonus

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The 4th activation reverts back to initial dot damage. Should have stayed at max dot damage.

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That sounds like a bug to me, maybe you should post it under bugs and issues again


Yes, you can defintely create a bug for this.
Or I can just tag @Dudeious.Maximus to notfiy staff about it.

Maybe the Normal Victor have the same issue too ?

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I tested this with both, normal and c.Victor, and after fourth hit DoT stays high with only turns reseting


He’s a lot of fun so far…really nice stats as well

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I might just limit break this guy. Wondering how high his attack stat will go.

I am not powerleveling him as he is getting only purple and now blue feeders (after I finished Frank, no blue project for now). In his early 3rd ascension, but definitely getting Tabards and emblems as he progresses.

I wonder if anyone tried his costume together with Clarissa? They should stack their DoT, should be a very fast devour combo. I’d also throw Panther into the mix there…

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I tried the combo with Clarissa i don’t have panther and Victor is squishy at 3/70 but i liked the performance mostly against healers Teluria Heimdal Lindebrock etc. Certainly fun to use even not fully leveled.

I wonder if this is the case. I just assumed they would overwrite each other. Now I’m curious. My VF team is Rigard-C, Emilio, GM, Clarissa, Kageburado. If I could swap out Kageburado situationally for a defense down like Victor-C that would be interesting.

Victor and Clarissa have different types of DoT so they dont brother each other. Clarissa does poison while Victor does some kind of bleed.

Initially I used C.Victor with the same team as Panther, but after a few trials, the teams of D’Andre, C.Victor, Hannah and Clarissa were the most effective. (Clarissa has not been used for a long time and was covered with dust).
Hannah with mana troops level 23 can use her skill in 3 ghost tiles with a mana generation +23% buff, so bloody damage, poison damage, and fiends damage will stack, and about 400 DoT each turn.
Clarissa’s elemental link and decrease attack power by fiends, so this team is tougher than I expected.
Now I’m seriously considering giving Clarissa unused paladin emblems.


Thanks I assumed that Victor’s damage was poison. In that case for my team I’ll have Bloody damage, Poison damage, and fire damage. If I can ever get Hannah or Elizabeth I could find a way to add one of them to mix…that could be a very strong death by 1000 cuts team. @Homaclese would be proud I think :slight_smile:

Something like Squidward (rigard-C), GM, Victor-C, Clarissa, Elizabeth


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