ℹ Costumed Snow White– 5* Ice/Blue from Fables of Grimforest

I’m in the minority in that usually I’d always choose the survivability+ attack as I usually do. That extra tile for slow is rare to make a difference.

However, given the costume bonus, firing in 10, making her average, may well be worth the trade-off. Worst case she’s ready a bit early, just bring support heroes to keep her alive a turn longer.

I was lucky enough to get Furdinand and I am SO looking to seeing them play together.

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Seems unanimous in favour of mana tbh! Which is good, because I had almost convinced myself on attack…

Also, that is mostly why I’ll actually be pairing her with Lughaidh of all heroes… nothing says sustainable like the biggest bulkiest non-dispellable defence up available! :smiley: