Costumed Gunnar for epic/legendary challenge events: wich emblems path?

Hi, i’m thinking to try to take costumed gunnar on the next xhallenge events, but… do he really needs emblems?
His defense is alredy higher then my loved Grimm, so the right path should be life+sword but… is it really a good idea to stel emblems from telluria for this or his special is already good enough for try him on higher levels?
(i know, the best way is to try it, but i’m curious to hear some more experienced players thoght)

Not sure if he will really be the right choice for legendary. In general defense stats are more important, check the Damage Calculation thread to understand how it works and why having a higher def stat than the attacker’s atk stat has a major impact on how much damage is assigned.

As you will use him as a utility hero, the right path would be def+HP, cause he will never do any good as a damage dealer on legendary or even epic.

But if you have struggle beating those stages, maybe show us your roster so you can get advice on how to set up the right teams


His use is all about support so I’d make him as tough as possible. He’s also a great tank on 3* tournaments.

But is he really desperate for emblems? Not particularly. Just a couple of levels above base line gives you an edge unless you want to really compete

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ty for answer! 20chars

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