ℹ Costumed Gravemaker – 5* Fire/Red - June 2018 HOTM Costume

Do you mean Costume Gravemaker should be shield path?

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Could someone upload the emblem path on this dude. Like to hear youre coments on him, is he worth to limitbreak also?

I went sword path. It increases the burn DoT, and his Paladin class boosts his def. If you put him on your defense team, limit break him.

Right now, this is him LB +20
899 ATK / 861 DEF / 1700 HP / 332 burn DoT (166 DoT per turn)

I am pretty confused why someone would do that for a Palladin or Costume Gravemaker in particular because of his base stats and family special. You are getting marginally better damage with a huge impact on survivability.

Is he still relevant? I just pulled him in Tavern

Solid hero, usable in most situations. LB2 taunt heroes reduced his value, since now you also have to dispell taunter first, before he does his very fast harm

His damage isn’t keeping up with our times and with how common are cleanse/status effect immunities and with heroes dealing very high direct damage (rather than over time) he isn’t relevant at all.

He is ok on attacks if you can prevent opponents from cleansing/be immune to his DoT.

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Everybody keeps saying that but once again I believe people are just repeating what they’ve read online. How many people have gravemaker costume? Not the majority. I was extremely happy when I pulled his costume.
My former defense team from left to right was: Onatel, c. jabberwock, zuri, finley, c.gravemaker set in a reverse V formation.
-Diamond cup
-vs teams of 5000 and up
-roughly 80% team defense raid wins

Although I’m not able to see the defense match, the c.gravemaker special is enough to annoy and put pressure on the attackers.

This were time ago, right? How are faring your defenses featuring Costume Gravemaker nowadays? :wink:

Finely on the wing in reverse, is a blue tank.
For defense I think GM is still ok next to a blue tank. Those who still like to stack against tanks will get punished.

If your alliance doesn’t use blue war tanks… then use him elsewhere (less often). The rocketing creep stats coupled with aethers and blems have not kind to his dot. And @FraVit93 is right about ailment solutions. There are more solutions for ailments than there are ailment dealers… putting ailment dealers in your defense is a wasted slot imo.

But who cares about defense anyway?
Offense heroes are where the fun is at!

And I don’t see so many defense with multiple nature’s. So he doesn’t get much play for offense either.

He’s still pretty good. Not great and probably no longer in the TRL Daily Top 10 of E&P heroes. His usefulness very much depends on your roster makeup.

Not a hard hitting guy, but the VF mana, big burn to all enemies, and his Paladin talent is very much worthy of being in a raid defense. He is definitely fun to have on your attack team as well. But again, that all depends on your roster makeup.

So sad big balance only buff him able to tickle new heroes, so far dot from serandite or d art :melting_face:

Big stat buffs today. Does anyone have him 2LB and maxed out and able to post a pic?

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These are preview versions of the costume and the base hero with CB, so the emblem paths might not be optimised.


Oh very nice, 2500hp is kinda wild

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I’ve had him for a while at 80 unemblemed. Now is the time to pull the trigger and 2LB :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How much is the final Burn in battle with a troop? do you need to have another 2018 HOTM to gain this much of health etc.?

Cards wich aren’t in battle are shown without aditional effects so no

it should be…

1,26*430=541 (without the 20% defending bonus) with a 30 mana troop

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thank you very much for the detailed analysis! I had him limit broken with full emblems and reset him in order to have enough material to LB both C. Tyr and Roughian and Nugrib. I didn’t see that his mask was upgraded that much until now haha

It was due to happen cause it was a pity how bad he had become over the last year when 1000+ burn damage heroes have been released… a little buff in the damage and he would be great but hw is still really good now!