📯 Costumed Alfrike – Season 3 Costume – 5* Dark/Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Thank you @Colonel! I much appreciate the feedback & for pointing me to your Youtube. Great stuff! Very helpful, even beyond seeing c.Alfrike in action.

I just levelled her up (normal) and used my spare costumes to lvl up her costume to 4.89 - I had her on wizard emblems ;( used about 14 golden emblems to get her to 20. Should I strip the emblems since the paladin ones add to her Defense?

sorry , you have used 14 Golden emblems in the wizard path ( for the original ) ? if yes. better not.
because reset emblem does not restore golden emblems


that neuters malosi… waddles/bubbles/hansel/gretel… many of the solutions to alfrike are affected.

Kitty/milady? Her teammates shall suffer for her tyranny
Or just S1 superior wizards to get rid of the 2LB effect

How many turns is the ailment resist?

Of i 2x lb classic Alf, can i leave her at 4.85 and then fully level the costume? Do i get to skip the big dark ball and tabbard by doing this?

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Yes, that’s what I did too.

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When you use Alfrike and the enemy is down to their last hero/monster, is it wrong to tell it to stop hitting itself after you fire her special?