Costume moving around in Roster when Sort by Power

So preface with J know there are other threads on a similar topic but this is slightly different and very weird…

My costume keeps moving about in the Roster when sorting by power… Initially it’s sorted by the power of the costume itself, then it suddenly switches to using the power of the base hero (without changing the costume or doing anything else…)

I’ll explain with some pictures…

Here is my team 1 in roster (levelling hereos). As you can see, Costume Horghall is listed as top power, despite being the worst powered…

Now if I change the sort option to rarity, origin or anything else, Horghall costume moves. So I sorted by rarity and you can see that, despite both being 5* heroes, Panther moves ahead of Costume Horghall… Makes sense cause Panther has a higher power than the costume.

Now if I rhenthen change it BACK to sort by power, it initially defaults to being run off the COSTUME POWER. I.e. the least powerful (as the lowest levelled) and as such is at the end. Makes sense…


Literally do anything (open a hero card, level a hero, close the roster & reopen) and suddenly were back to this view!!!
With the power sort running off the Base Hero Power (667)

It’s like the previous bugs have HALF been fixed… @Petri, any comments from SG?

Previous thread by Baz which links to a couple pre-existing threads on bugs in the costume sorting for roster views…
Team power sorting doesn’t consider current costume

Team setting over sorting?

Nope. All are in Team 1.

As I said. It changes from sorting by COSTUME power to BASE HERO power… It’s all over the place.

Yes, I was speaking about team order before sorting options.

The pic probably shows it like you ordered it when you set it up.

Don’t think that’s a thing lol.

But for reference you can see that it’s not true.

The 4* are our of order to picture 2 in the OP.

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Ok, then there’s an issue.

I also noticed some tiny sorting issues inside the teams, but it works perfectly for those who aren’t in a team.

Please SGG, let us buy more team slots… :innocent:

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As in more than 15?

You already got your own thread for that lol… And there’s a feature request thread for it too! Now back on topic on my thread

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Yes, 6 per color and another 6 for def and titan presets and a few more just in case. 40 would be perfect imo.

Hopefully fixed as per v27 release notes: