Team power sorting doesn’t consider current costume

I have two Tyrums and the costume. I figure that I might want to use them both together, one for cleanse, one for dispel. I leveled the second one to 3/1, then maxed the costume.

Consequently his team power is very different with and without the costume. He seems to be sorted by team power of his baseline version, even when the costume is applied. (Screenshots follow)

I’m not 100% sure, but I believe that I have seen him sort in the “proper” place upon occasion as well as the way he is shown, although I cannot recall the circumstances when it happened.


Think this has been reported once or twice elsewhere.

Not 100% sure but try these ones:

I suspect that this is one of the reasons that the costumes have been put on Hiatus… But we’ll see.
Could also be linked to this:


Edit: it looks exactly like this one:

I think it is related to this one:

But it looks like both topics were closed without any response recognizing it as a bug or fixing it.


According to s very good friend of mine, this is intended behavior.

Rumor says in Beta the opposite way ( sort by costume power ) was worse.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the future.


I was thinking that sorting by the real current power would be the same approach. If the costume is equipped, sort by the costume’s team power. If the original hero is equipped, sort by its team power.

As for emblems, most of my costumed heroes aren’t emblemed anyway, since they are 3* or 4* … and if I truly prefer the costume special skill, the base hero only has to be taken to final ascension and left at level 1, Saving quite a bit of feeding.

If I get the Vivica costume, I will probably give my 3/70 Vivica her final ascension but expect to use her costume more than the regular one so I would probably ascend the hero, ascend the costume, Max the costume, and then finishing the hero would be a low priority.

Quality of Life

In actual use, neither sort - base hero or current equip - is good.

These problems will only get worse when SGG eventually introduces costumes for HotM and Season 3 heroes.

The basic problem is the hero roster GUI is not designed for war, and tournaments.

The hero roster GUI was a rush job even several years ago.

If you only have 1x Tyrum, you can sort by name.

Even adding the base hero team power to the costume team power has issues because base hero team power and costume team power are not uniform.

Many, if not all, of the issues could be solved by nicknames for heroes, a decent sort function, and other QoL issues that have been on the want list forever.

Hero XP

Given the Devs’ solution to Bane 3/8 3* 3.50 was not an automatic 8/8 3* 3.50, the fact you even need to level costumes, and at one point in Beta costume special skills were identical to base hero special skills, I would conclude that the Devs do not care about heroes using this loophole.

So I expect them not to close the loophole, but not make it easier for players using the loophole.


(NEW filters for Hero Roster and leveling Heroes – with sample UI design mockups)

([Suggestion] Personal hero nicknames, search, and recent filter for hero roster)


I came to report exactly this issue. I sort my roster by element by default, but it sorts by power within the element, and noticed one of my Gunnars was out of place.

The reason I will not buy that this is intended behavior as apparently has been said, is that by tapping the “by element” sort button (while already sorted by element), the incorrectly ordered Gunnar suddenly jumps to the correct position, according to the power of his equipped costume (which is higher than the power of the base hero at 3/1). It’s obviously a pretty minor issue, but something has to be a bug here - IMHO the sorting should always be according to what is currently equipped.

So the key points:

  • There is one maxed base Gunnar, power 446 (partially leveled costume on him, don’t believe that’s relevant - it is not equipped).
  • Then there is “2nd Gunnar”, his base version is at 3/1 with power 377, but the costumed version is maxed, with power 464. The costume is equipped.
  • When entering the hero roster view, which is sorted by Element first (but automatically by power 2nd), 2nd Gunnar is incorrectly sorted between an unleveled Magni and unleveled Triton, where his base version would fit according to its power number.
  • When pressing the “element” sort button, 2nd Gunnar jumps next to the first Gunnar, where he should be according to his equipped costume power number.

I’ve made a brief video clip that I thought would make it clear much faster than a bunch of words, but it seems it’s not possible to upload a video here. I’ll see if I can share/link it otherwise.

I’m similar. My team 1 is a rainbow team that I am leveling. I am currently leveling a tiburtus costume. He should be all the way to the right as I sort by power. He was all the way to the left (as the uncostumed version is 4.70). I changed from costume to uncostume and back - this put him in the right order. But next time I went into the tab, he was sorted by the uncostumed power. I just said ‘screw it.’

Should be resolved & standardised as per V27 release notes:

  • Hero Power sorting now sorts based on the most powerful version of the hero; regular or costume.

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