Convince me to not max Elena

If you have Grazul, Elena is not an option. Once you master Grazul, she is indispensible. She has won a lot of difficult raids for me.



She’s strong against G, nullifies T, and defense stat (and not being an offensive hitter) makes V’s extra against red not a major setback.

Stacking red against GTV is dangerous though. Vela will punish other reds you bring and possibly keep you hitting with att debuff if you don’t time Grazul well. I have found success with a 3-1-1 using purple for the 3. That includes Panther, C.Rigard, and Seshat…so not everyone will have it.

Still, you could bring Falcon, BT, and Graz along with two other strong heroes (like a strong hitter/debuffer) and maybe have better odds.


Thanks for your feedback. I have read such good ideas here and now i have cleared my mind a bit.
I knew by far that Grazul was a better hero but i need to dispel all doubts. I have pulled recently Elena and the idea of adding a hard aoe hitter with such high attack was attractive.

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Funny to hear of Elena dying fast for people, she’s on my main team, costumed with 7 emblems so far and she’s won SO many raids with her strong counterattack for me. I don’t see ever sidelining her she’s one of the keys of my team on the flank next to Telly.

In my honest opinion, I would only consider Elena if you have her costume.
Otherwise max Grazul
And I have both these heroes Grazul +7 and Elena at 3/70 waiting for a costume


I have had Elena with costume for a while, but still haven’t taken the plunge to the final ascension. I don’t even have any good better red legendaries (Khagan, normal Azlar). I have cBoldtusk in my def team, and my main issue with not maxing her is the fighter emblems - I use Bold and Magni on my defence and they are sharing them, +7 each.

Grazul I would love.

I’d probably max Grazul first for her mana speed and ability to block staus ailments.
However, I’m not lucky enough to get Grazul. So, it is just in theory.
On the other hand, I do have Elena and I have to say that I use her more often than any other red 5* including Queen of Hearts, Anzogh, Mariana and Azlar. She is in my “anti Telluria” team too.

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Elena is getting alot of topics lately. She was my 3rd 5* last fall (2nd red as i somehow pulled mitsuko my first few weeks of playing) … and still at 3.70.

Rings went to mitsuko, then JF, and I got 9 sets now and still won’t max her. I’m actually contemplating maxing noor before her as I have 1 minion maker, kvasir, on my roster.

I smile when i find Elena in wars and raids. A +10 elena non-costumed dies in 6 or 7 tiles with vela and fenrir and 2 lvl 11 mana troops so she is not anything i ever worry about.

I thought about titan damage help but unless I mana pot wilbur at the start, shes usually 1st to go down on 8-10* so its not even worth a bit of higher damage on a titan compared to probably 3-6 months of collecting 6 more rings.

Personally I don’t have grazul but I would basically pick most 5* reds over her.

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Every team-wide healers are precious. Grazul first.

@TheWizard; While over-all I recommend Grazul first (particularly in the JF/GTV era), I do highly recommend Elena (eventually).

I personally really like my Elena. She was my first Red 5* I maxed (at the time I had khagan as an alternate option) and I still have no regrets.
I love her really high attack stat for use in titans & she still gets used every Green Titan I face. Additionally, for a long long time I used to use her in raids paired with Falcon & BT (+wilbur if you get him)… Fire off their specials & suddenly you’re dealing a ■■■■-tonne of damage! With that team I managed a 22 second raid from hitting “attack” to the victory screen…

So Yes; she’s slow & she’s a bit squishy BUT she will do exactly what you are after in terms of dealing lots of damage in the AOE sense & also in the Tile Sense…

Ultimately I think you won’t regret whichever decision you make. Grazul will have more of an impact in your day-to-day raiding & one war team than Elena will… But Elena will have more of an impact on titans & map/quest farming (courtesy of the AOE & Counter Attack) & will still contribute handily to a war team.

Neither will or should IMO replace JF on your defence team.


Yeah I have that conflict with Elena and Magni and magni lost the face off, he’s now down in my 2nd team since without his costume I can’t get him up close to 800 power. I’m now running double purple with costume Sartana and Domitia+7 who are about the same power.

Power is not everything, Magni is one of the best S1 heroes, he appear in almost all of my raid attack team whenever I am not facing Telly.

I think Elena is better as an offense hero. If you have the costume the 155% counterattack has won me more raids than any other hero in my roster. But even so, she’s still on my defense team and I hold around 2500 pretty easily. Currently I have in order, Vivica +8CB, Domitia +6, Telluria +7, CElena +7, CSartana 4/80.

As soon as I finish base Sartana (now at 4/44) I can throw 4 talents on her right away.

Magni without a costume was not up to the level of the rest of my team and was always being killed first. Swapping in CSartana has made a big difference

I mean Magni vs Elena, not C. Sartana.

I own both heroes (with costume for Elena), and both are at +8. Yes, Elena is squishy, but IF she fires, she almost certainly will force hitters to smash themselves. I pair her with Sif for the mana bonus and protection, which keeps her up long enough to fire.

So, Elena does have very good potential.

However…you should max Grazul instead. It’s very hard to look at her card and see her value, but she shines in almost every fight. In GTV she can block the mana down, fire damage, and water damage (and sometimes the Blind from Drake). Status effects often turn the battle around, and many specials (like Jean Francois) get stopped almost entirely. With the right mana troop, she’ll charge in 6 tiles, which means she’ll fire often.

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This is another thing i cant make it because i cant get red mana troop. In other colors i made to pull two or more(in green ) mana troops. But red seems to repel me.

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You can utilize HA9.

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Hero Academy? Im on my way , going from 21 to 22 in SH now . Its a slow but safe way , thanks ! I think that if i cant pull from portals i will do from there in the future

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Well finally i made the decision to ascend Grazul. Here she is.

Now convince me that she would do pretty well once she maxed :laughing:

Is she better in a 3 red stack, a full red mono stack or as an off color hero ?

Her low tile damage really scares me a little bit , but her ability i know is so useful

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