Complete Special Skill at Max level

This happens to me on a regular basis;

I’ve hit the max level for the hero but the special skill is a long way from being 8/8. Now I have to waste a bunch of green feeders to complete it.

Given how many feeders it takes to level heroes, id like to see this issue resolved. When a hero hits max level, the special should be automatically maxed at the same time.

I have to agree it’s so frustrating maxing a hero but the special skill requires more feeders.

On the last three occasions for me, it was a four star hero

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no tricks around this? i can’t recall the last time it happened to me, quite possibly been years honestly

Ive had at least 3 or 4 in the last couple of months. Usually 3* heroes but also the occasional 4*.

It doesnt seem to matter what strategy I use for levelling them up; getting the % as high as possible before hitting level up, or doing 1 feeder at a time.

Its just bloody annoying. I dont really understand why they made that an rng thing.

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Easy problem to solve. 10 off colour 2* heroes or on colour 1* heroes will put it up a level. 5 on colour 2* heroes will do it too. If you want to use 3* or 4* heroes it will take less. Or 1 duplicate hero if you have it. It’s a tad annoying but never a major issue for me.

Just one gamer’s opinion

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I know that i can push it to 100% once we get to this position, but every one of those feeders is wasted in my opinion. Maxing heroes takes a huge amount of resources as it is. Why makes us waste them?


I agree it’s a huge amount with 5* heroes but I wouldn’t say the same about 3s. A 3 hero can be taken from 1-1 to 3-50 within a few hours. Throwing 5 or even 20 on colour 2* heroes shouldn’t be that taxing in my opinion.

As a side note, I’ve never had this happen with anything higher than a 3* hero

Just one gamer’s opinion

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for me it almost always happens with the 3 stars. I have 2 5- stars that aren’t max level yet but their specials are maxed out and a handful of 3-stars what are in a situation like yours.

Yes, it’s a lot of wasted resources that could’ve gone to others. And I guess there is no better way than to have this addressed other than having an even higher %, but straight up getting it maxed out probably would not be implemented by $GG, considering that the museum now gives free gems (yes small amounts) for each completion, they’d probably want you to work for these free gems.

In the past, when the game did not have as many heroes, these specials levels were a gauge to a hero’s grow and progression and I remembered that it was a joy to see their levels go up, and having the hero do what a do at a higher %. Now, with 10x or 20x more heroes being released at a high speed train speed, people simply don’t have the luxury of time and patience to wait for these to grow any more, it’s always new heroes released and having them properly groomed, maxed, +20, LB2 and ready for the defense within the hour. No one cares about the process any more, there is just no time.

I still remember the times before when there was no 5x special % at max and there was still a 10 hero cap each level up session, it was even harder to deal with then too, especially for a 3* hero. For the most part, I still do 1 x 1* on-color feeder at a time, if I am lucky enough to have the specials maxed before hitting max (or I know the ascensions will take them there), that’s when higher leveled heroes goes to them.

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When I first started, my nashgar’s skill never once levelled up through training. So he was 3:50 and his skill was 3/8, it was horrendous as a beginner to be wasting feeders just to bring him up to 8/8

Here we go again…

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It would be nice if you didn’t like a summon if you could instead take an item that would give you 1 special skill level. Just for summons where 3 star is the minimum you can get.

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feed with 100% or feed multiple times in a row with 4-6% (with total of 40%, instead of feed 1 time, feed 10 times with 4% will increase the chance to level up special skill) + 3 times ascend => 90% chance to max special skill when max level.

I dont understand that?

I normally push the % as high as i can get it (based on roster space, usually between 40 and 60%) before levelling.

This time i followed someone else’s advice and did lots of 4-10% level ups.

Obviously, still didnt work.

I honestly think that this mechanic is completely obsolete right now. It was always kinda weird, but at the beginning of the game (without emblems - YES! There were times like this!, and LBs) it was some kind of an obstacle, that you needed to lvl the special skill.

That being said, nowadays, when a hero in his base, fully ascended form is maybe halfway to being playable, we could really get rid of this, just like we got rid of stupid 10 heroes limit in leveling.


Here we go again :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The costume system is perplexing. What is the point of reduced leveling costs to level the heroes when the special skill percentage doesn’t go up also. I end up with 3* costumes with 3 or 4 Special Skill at 3rd chevron 50.

So I have now pushed Winifred up to 70% chance to boost Special 3x in a row and each time it has failed.

After the last 2, I was expecting this to happen, so took the screencap before hitting the level-up.

This system is stupid.


I have got it to 95% before, it failed, then I just do 2% and it will do it.
It really does need improving, mostly on 3* and maybe 4* though, 5* have a lot of feeders to max, so they usually get to 8/8 before they are at 4/80, I never had a 5* hero at 4/80 and only 6/8 or 7/8.

Has anyone?

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