Complete Special Skill at Max level

Yeah I know its a matter of time with 5*. They take SO many feeders it would be an achievement to get one to 4/80 not maxed.

Still annoys me though. Doesnt need to be rng based.


my worst was a 4* costume that had 4/8 special skill at 4/70… :face_holding_back_tears:

Oh don’t get me wrong, I agree, or even if it was at specific intervals, like it is that it +1 for level up, then that would be great.

Oh yeah costumes I have had the issue too, but only because they max much faster

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Id argue a costume should already be at max when you get it.

An assassin doesnt lose all his training when he changes his clothes :rofl:

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well, the poor guy eats so much ham when changing clothes, that in itself is a workout for them :rofl:
You ever tried getting dressed on a full belly :rofl:

My biggest complaint is consistency with this mechanic across rarity (3* to 5*) and costume vs. non-costumes. The % likelihood of the special increasing should be relative to the total experience required to level that hero to maximum. And on average this would get to 8/8 right when the last levels are reached. Due to randomness sometimes you would get there earlier and sometimes additional leveling would be required to maximize special. Now I have to remember all these rules (e.g. use more 1* on costumes and 3* heroes) to maximize resources when leveling different types of heroes. Its kind of silly.

unless the clothes are the source of their magical powers! :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now, this is really the least of my complaints with this :poop:show of a game.

But I started this thread (in a simpler time?) so i occasionally revive it when a level up anomaly ■■■■■■ me off.

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another one to make me waste my feeders…

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Lets start a damn movement. No more failed Specials at Mx level! No more wasted feeders!

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yeah! seriously, what’s the point in making the special skill level up so difficult

if I want to use a hero before it’s fully maxed, I’ll struggle because of their lower stats anyway. why not throw a bone and just max out the special?

the feeder waste to max the special skill, is just so pointless and annoying


There is a way to reduce this problem, doesn’t work 100% of time but is quite effective.

You have to feed 3* with 1 1*/2* at a time.

It might sound stupid but it works. 3* gets 8/8 speciall at early 3^XX quite often.

It’s just a waste of resources and completely pointless. It just needs to be removed. Make the spell full power, no leveling needed, and be done with it.


and another one, even after feeding mostly on-color 1*s… and doing so exclusively from level 2/1 to max level…

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My two 3* toon costumes both maxed out at 5/8 special. It is a pain when I only have 9 free slots.

It is also a pain when a duplicate hero doesn’t give you 100% chance after maxing, only a duplicate costume.

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One more for the wall of shame.

Not even sure why im levelling this one as she is seriously underpowered :sweat_smile: I resent pumping more feeders into this one but that’s the :poop:ty system we got.

In order to be glad something happens, there needs to be a negative for when it doesn’t happen. Skill ups would become meaningless (more meaningless… if that’s even a thing) if they implemented this.

I dont feel glad when it levels up. Do you? I feel nothing. Its just one minor step on a needlessly long journey.

What a meaningless pleasure to find in the game. Its rng. There was no skill involved. No real boon for getting it. Its just something they are expectted to do. I expect a fully levelled hero to hit with max power for that level. The rng element of special skill is a ■■■■■ pointless addition to the game.

They designed it way back at the beginning. At this stage, it is a complete irrelevance. We are going to have to keep levelling them through LB1 and LB2, and no doubt LB3 sooner or later. So what is the point of creating a bottleneck at the end of tier 3/4 where we have to ■■■■ about pumping dead resources into them?

You pick some strange hills to die on, @Mikal . Although no doubt you think the same of me :man_shrugging:


More wasted feeders!

He’s looking at you thinking ‘Ayo, got a problem with that?’