☀ Cleopatra – Season 5 Hero – 5* Holy / Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I will caveat that I don’t have C2 Viv…I only have Cleopatra. C2 Vivs superior fighter revive and her overheal makes her a legit defensive tank. Overheal is king these days, but Cleo does have a massive heal that can save your team from the brink of death.


This biotch is AMAZING. just pulled a second one on another single pull and I think I’ll max her.

Congrats on the pull, it’s nice when people pull a dupe they actually intend to use. Do you have many other maxed 5* healers and is she your best healer even compared to health boosters?

Cleopatra is, imo, the best healer in the game. I have several maxed 5* healers:

Pro. Lidenbrock

And waiting to be ascended to max are:

Grazul (with garnet, I doubt I’ll max her)

Of all of these, Cleopatra is by far the best and the one that can turn the tide around after she fires. In Vfast wars, she can be very hard to overcome, then add to the fact that you’ll need to kill my MN before reviving Khufu and Alfrike, the combination is quite impossible.


Thanks for sharing. I haven’t yet levelled up my Cleopatra as I only just pulled her and already have some yellow projects going, but my best healers are probably Hathor and cAriel, followed by Diaochan and Phenexa. I do have Director Zuri at 3/70 but Cleopatra would surpass her.

Best healer of the game ?

I doubt it :sweat_smile:

Have a hard time maxing Cleopatra when I have Director Zuri. I agree that Cleo’s secondary part of her skill is better than Zuri, but not sure it’s better enough to sink a ton of resources in Cleo. I’d raise her in a heartbeat if it weren’t for Zuri though.

Cleopatra is more consistent and has a bigger heal with the potential to boost health. She also doesn’t get hurt by anti-minion heroes.

Too bad her LB2 skill is an attack boost lol…

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I don’t think that will matter. There shouldn’t be much reason to LB a healer the second time. LB a hero should only occur if they are gonna be featured on defense.

Yeah, I was just assuming as if she’d be a healer on defense. Probably not one I would use as I don’t use Zuri on defense either other than maybe minion wars, but even then…not really. It was more hypothetical…as the attack boost is a pretty crappy thing to put on a healer like her in general.

Taunt heroes get taunt, but healers get att boost instead of added heal?

I suspect these skills will change in the coming months. No rush to LB anyone yet.

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I find this to be very annoying. One healer is too many to get attack boost. Such a waste. I hope they do change this. Hathor was the same.

Cleopatra should have gotten ailment reflect. What’s the point of that effect when only hatter got that

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Another found in my watchtower

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I have to disagree respectfully. Hathor beats her

Hathor is one of the biggest PITA to face and she’s fast. I have to agree with you here. Cleo is second at best.

Hathor can go off and still have her allies within sniping range, Cleopatra goes off and most of her allies are back up to 80% health. When it comes to healing, Cleopatra is the best healer. What you’re considering are secondary effects. Hathor has a great secondary effect, but so does Cleopatra, it all just depends on what heroes you have to take on either of them. Regardless, both are good, I just think as a healer, Cleopatra is the best in game followed by Director Zuri, then the blue sphinx.

If you define healer based on the sheer number of healing I agree. Another one under the right circumstances would be arco.

I disagree, because Arco is only great when all allies are alive or you’re up against fiend summoning foes. He needs support to be a great healer. Aramis has the potential to be a great healer, but his heal is conditional on several factors. Cleopatra and other outright heroes heal, regardless of teammates or opposition being alive.