Cheerleading For Fun!

It is important that we not forget all the good things in life! So, what is your favorite way to encourage others? Your favorite way to “cheer” on your alliance mates or friends! How do you change the vibe to something positive?

I like to be specific. To tell people how much I appreciate the things that they do that make this whole experience fun.

And I like to be absurd on a regular basis! :crazy_face:

@L33tVortex12596 I want a golden goose NOW!! Your pic always makes me smile. Your comments are kind and a welcome voice here in the madness. I’m always happy to read what you share. :grin:

@sleepyhead @Ripobin_The_First @Chadmo @dansing


@Mad1max9 you are amazing, thank you for bringing some good cheer to the forums :slight_smile:

I like to pick something personal and focus on that!

@L33tVortex12596 thanks for being open and honest - it’s always helpful to know of others in the same situation!

let’s tag a few more sunshine-spreaders… @Sarah2 @SamMe @JGE @Noble_Weasel @Vidya128 @Steve9999 @Luna

and after making such a really good post on the SE thread, I think @deathcake will fit this thread really well!


You’re a good man Max. Assuming you are a Max and not Maxine.

Personally I want to make people laugh or think. I’m not that good at anything else specifically but when you leave a conversation and that person is happier or smarter, you’ve done a good thing.

And I Agree, I love the Veruca Salt picture in L33’s avatar. I have probably seen that movie as much as any movie in my life. I relate to Charlie Bucket and Augustus Gloop more than anything in the world!


I am amazed to see this post as I just wrote this comment to @L33tVortex12596 …. On SE thread🙂

  • Reading her sharing…. My emojis that I use regularly…… just flowed ….

Good one @Mad1max9


I’ll text my comments once I’ve finished doing the lawn :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

What a great post @Mad1max9

So honoured to be mentioned in this tread

Thanks @sleepyhead as always :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart: you just rock & roll

Just wanted to check that you know @Ripobin_The_First is our one and only Ripobin the first in our alliance also known as Robin :green_heart:

My “hero of the game “

Catch you after the sunset! The lawn needs lawning :joy:


Words of wisdom indeed.

Keeping the vibe positive? :thinking: I like to celebrate the positives… I never miss the opportunity to send a virtual :cake: when an alliance mate levels up. Which has flowed over into the many Forumversary / :cake: Day celebrations of forum buddies over the years.

Awww thanks for the tag @sleepyhead:coffee:


so do you, and that’s why you’re here! :slight_smile:

any time my positive friend! :slight_smile:


I demandeth a pom-pom emoji for in-game chat, for it will make my cheerleading routine a lot more simpler. :pom-pom:

Lacking that, silly stuff. :laughing:


Yes @Mad1max9 !

I just think it’s key to remember that it’s a game and the reason most of us are still here is each other.

There’s obviously a rarified area that the makers are tapped into, they don’t care about us.

But we care about us. And that’s what matters.

Not to turn this into the ‘random appreciatiom thread’ but one of the things I like to do is say thank you to people and point out some positives.

Like @Luna whose infectious enthusiasm and chatty ways constantly entertain.

Like @Sarah2 (who I was childishly overawed by when she popped into TBD for the first time after I’d joined. “Oh wow, Sarah from the forums!”.) Her advice and grounded voice were key when I started coming here and continue to be so.

Like @Macaque1902 and @Bruton who feel like family because they’re wonderful and have been part of my life nearly as long as my son.

Like @Control_Freq who blossomed in TBD and flew off to different pastures and who I miss being in an alliance with.

Like @PlayForFun who deserves far more than he gets from his thankless but incredible job in keeping us updated.

Like @RandaPanduh who has the literal best way of formatting her salient thoughts and getting her point across.

Like @L33tVortex12596 whose Verucca Salt avatar I look forward to seeing in threads because it’ll be something worth reading.

And to so many others who warrant mentions but I’ve turned this into an Oscar winners speech so I’ll stop before I thank my parents and a primary school teacher.

We are what makes this place. That gets forgotten. We make friends, move between alliances and stay in contact.

Happy Friday, peeps! Don’t let the buggers get you down.

Edit - let’s get the music started! Off to the KitKat thread, wooooooo!


Wow! I’m speechless! And that rarely happens :joy:

So I’ll join you in the kitkat club :rofl:


Abusement Park is a no apologies alliance. Everyone tries their best, so there is no need to apologize. If you apologize for ANYTHING you’re Friar Tuck avatar for 24 hours. It always lightens the mood!



Mostly i take the p i s s out of myself to bring sunshine. If you can laugh at yourself, its less of an issue when others do it. I broadcast the stupid stuff i do, in this forum and anywhere else, because mostly i dont know the math, im not one of the cool kids and i think humility is a positive trait.

Thats not to say I wont fight my corner or share my thoughts when I disagree, but usually any debate im in will end in a smile or a joke, because none of this is really important.

Peace and love :heart:


So happy that so many folk in this thread are currently Pirates!
@Mad1max9 … thank you for joining us.
@luna … please don’t ever leave
@Ripobin_The_First … wonderful to have you with us

We also have @vanZille visiting.

Get the right people together and this game can still be awesome!

I hope that some of you other famous forum folk can pay The Pirate Horde a visit soon.

Yaaarrr :pirate_flag:


Awwwww :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs:!

I’ve always credited myself in being a good judge of character. You my friend are up there :trophy:. Although, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to @Ripobin_The_First :wink: .


@2puttshaqur if there was a character count, we would miss out on some epic posts! Not everyone is as skillful at the short reply as you. :wink:

So regale us with your ability to share your “cheer up friends” techniques in 20,000 or less.

Also, @Skellet53 you guys keep the mood light all the time! But for those that haven’t had the pleasure of visiting you yet (and you all really should! 5 :star: , would recommend) tell us how you keep the laughter flowing. :joy:



Maybe it’s time to get synchronicity between game and forum and go full on Ripobin the First here too.


nice to see so much positivity and good cheer here, thanks to everyone who is spreading good vibes :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. Wanted to say this earlier but never got a chance. Thank you @Mad1max9 for starting this thread.

Yes I know the game is going down hill offlate. Yes I know there is inbuilt greed with the offers, nerfs, buffs, new heroes etc etc blah blah blah

This is a game. And why do most of us stick around?? F2p, c2p, p2p whoever we are!!

It’s the people we have bonded with that matter. When one of us leaves the kind of love that is shown by someone on the other side of the world, people we have never met is just priceless!!

Well for me playing this game is just an excuse to be part of so many alliance families and of course the wonderful people here. I help in any way I can. But the kindness and support I have received from most people I’ve met through this game is something i never expected when I started playing.

Thank you all. You are all wonderful.


P.S.: not tagging anyone coz there are too many of you on mind!!


I :green_heart: you little bro :pray:


Ta da!

20 characters of this is my final form.